Studies show that monkeys can be “suffocated under pressure” just like humans

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According to a new study led by Georgia State University researchers, humans may not be the only ones who are stressed about how well the test works.

Researchers refer to studies that include tufted studies Capuchin monkey Living in a group at Georgia State University’s Center for Language Studies is the first person to specifically investigate whether other species experience it. pressure Run.

The monkeys were given a computerized matching task.Several trial Other attempts were typical of the difficulty of regular computer tasks, but were signaled to be more difficult as a result of higher potential rewards and incorrect answer timeouts.

The team found great variability in how individual monkeys responded to these tests when removing the differences in difficulty. This suggests that for some monkeys, high stakes cues are sufficient to impact performance.

“There are several different explanations for why humans” choke “or” prosper “under pressure, but all of these explanations have traditionally regarded this sensitivity to pressure as a human-specific characteristic.” Said the lead author of the study, Dr. Georgia State University. .D. Candidate Megsosnowski.

“Our new results may be that other species are also susceptible to this pressure, and our response to that pressure is in part due to individual differences in evolutionarily common stress responses. It provides the first evidence that it is the result. “

Researchers have also found that higher levels of cortisol, a naturally occurring biomarker of stress, monkey‘ performance. High levels of cortisol reduce the ability to successfully complete a high-pressure test, providing evidence that a person’s long-term stress status may be associated with cognitive performance.

“This not only explores how the response to pressure affected cognitive evolution, but also offers me a potential path that could mitigate performance deficiencies in both humans and other species. We provide clues to ourselves, “said Sosnowski.

research team It included Marcella Benitez, an assistant professor of anthropology at Emory University, and Sarah Brosnan, a member of Georgia State University’s Faculty of Psychology and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.

The paper was recently published Scientific Reports,..

Rhesus monkeys were found to suffocate under pressure

For more information:
Meghan J. Sosnowski et al, endogenous cortisol, correlates with the performance of capuchin monkeys under pressure on the working memory task. Scientific Reports (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-022-04986-6

Quote: According to research, monkeys can “suffocate under pressure” just like humans (February 8, 2022).

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Studies show that monkeys can be “suffocated under pressure” just like humans

Source link Studies show that monkeys can be “suffocated under pressure” just like humans

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