Studies show that sticking to low-fat dairy products may not be the only healthy option for the heart

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A new study of the world’s largest consumers of dairy products shows that people with high milk fat intake, as measured by blood fatty acid levels, have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those with low intake. Is shown. High milk fat intake was not associated with an increased risk of death.

Researchers then combined the results of this study of more than 4,000 Swedish adults with the results of 17 similar studies in other countries and so far on their relationship to this more objective measurement. Created the most comprehensive evidence in. Dairy products Risk of fat consumption, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death.

George Institute for Global Health, John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Dr. Matty Markland of Uppsala University are in good health due to rising dairy consumption worldwide. He said he needed to better understand the impact on.

“Many studies have relied on being able to remember and record the amount and type of dairy products people have eaten, especially given that dairy products are commonly used in a variety of foods. It Is difficult.

“Instead, we measured blood levels of certain fatty acid or fat” components “in dairy products. This gives you more objective measurements of dairy products. Fat intake It doesn’t depend on memory or quality food “Database,” he added.

“We found that the highest level people actually had the lowest risk of CVD. These relationships are very interesting, but to better understand the full health effects of milk fat and milk foods. , Needs further research. “

Sweden’s dairy and dairy consumption is one of the highest in the world. NS International cooperation Evaluating dairy products among researchers in Sweden, the United States and Australia Fat consumption We measured the blood levels of 4150 Swedes, 60 years old, of certain fatty acids that are found primarily in dairy products and can be used to reflect milk fat intake.

After an average of 16 years of follow-up, we identified the number of people who had a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event, and who died for any reason during this time.

After statistically adjusting for other known CVD risk factors such as age, income, lifestyle, diet, and other illnesses, CVD risk indicates that people with high fatty acid levels (high milk fat intake). (Reflected) was the worst. The highest level people did not have an increased risk of death from all causes.

Dr. Markland added that the findings highlight the uncertainty of evidence in this area. This is reflected in the dietary guidelines.

“Some dietary guidelines continue to suggest that consumers choose low-fat dairy products, while others depart from that advice and instead use specific dairy products such as yogurt instead of butter. With an emphasis on choice, we suggest that dairy products can be part of a healthy diet-or avoid sweetened dairy products with added sugar. “

Combining these results with 17 other studies of approximately 43,000 people from the United States, Denmark, and the United Kingdom confirmed these findings in other populations.

“While the findings may be partially influenced by factors other than milk fat, our study does not suggest harm to milk fat itself,” said Dr. Markland.

Dr. Kathy Triu, lead author of the George Institute for Global Health, said the intake of some dairy products, especially fermented products, was previously associated with heart benefits.

“The increased evidence suggests that the health effects of dairy products may depend on types such as cheese, yogurt, milk and butter, rather than fat content. Health.” Stated.

“Our research suggests that reducing fat in dairy products or avoiding dairy products altogether may not be the best choice for heart health.”

“It’s important to remember that while dairy products can be rich in saturated fats, they are also rich in many other nutrients and can be part of a healthy diet. , Seafood, nuts, and non-tropical vegetable oils can be larger health It has advantages over milk fat, “added Dr. Trieu.

The study is published at PLoS medicine..

Dairy Dilemma: Low Fat Is Not Always Good For Children

For more information:
Biomarkers of milk fat intake, accidental cardiovascular disease, and death from all causes: cohort studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses, PLoS medicine, DOI: 10.1371 / journal.pmed.1003763

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Studies show that sticking to low-fat dairy products may not be the only healthy option for the heart

Source link Studies show that sticking to low-fat dairy products may not be the only healthy option for the heart

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