Studies show that the sun is unlikely to be described as the source of water for the Earth

Graphics of the sun, solar wind, and Itokawa.Credit: Curtin University

Researchers at Curtin University helped unravel the permanent mystery of the origin of Earth’s water and discovered that the sun is a surprising and potential source.

An international team of researchers, led by the University of Glasgow, including researchers at the Center for Space Science and Technology (SSTC) in Curtin, created a solar wind consisting of charged particles from the sun, primarily made of hydrogen ions. I found that. water On the surface of dust particles carried to an asteroid that crashed into Earth during the early days of the solar system.

Philbrand, a prominent professor of SSTC director John Curtin, said that the Earth is very water-rich compared to other rocky planets in the solar system, with the ocean covering more than 70% of its surface and science. He said he had long been confused about all the exact sources of it.

“In existing theory, water was carried to Earth in the final stages of its formation on C-type asteroids, but previous tests of the isotope” fingerprints “of these asteroids averaged one with the water found. I didn’t do it. It means that there is at least one source of unexplained information on Earth, “says Professor Bland.

“Our research suggests that the solar wind may have created water on the surface of small dust particles, and this isotopic light water may have provided the rest of the Earth’s water.

“This new Solar wind The theory is based on an atom-by-atom in-depth analysis of small fragments of an S-type near-Earth asteroid called Itokawa, a sample of which was collected by the Japanese space probe Hayabusa and returned to Earth in 2010. ..

“Here at Curtin University’s world-class atomic probe tomography system, we were able to examine the interior of the surface of Itokawa’s dust particles in great detail, about the first 50 nanometers. This is sufficient to scale up. It turns out that it contains a large amount of water, which is about 20 liters per cubic meter of rock. “

Dr. Luke Daly, a graduate of Curtin University currently enrolled at the University of Glasgow, said the study could not only give scientists amazing insights into past Earth’s water sources, but also help future space missions. He said he had sex.

“The way astronauts get enough water without carrying supplies is one of the barriers to future space exploration,” said Dr. Daly.

“According to our research, the same thing space The weathering process that produces water on Itokawa may have occurred on other airless planets. This means that astronauts may be able to process fresh water directly from the dust on the planet. Water surface, Moon etc. “

The paper “The Contribution of the Solar Wind to the Earth’s Ocean” Nature Astronomy..

Researchers discover how water is regenerated on asteroids

For more information:
Luke Daily, the contribution of the solar wind to the Earth’s oceans, Nature Astronomy (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41550-021-01487-w..

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Studies show that the sun is unlikely to be described as the source of water for the Earth

Source link Studies show that the sun is unlikely to be described as the source of water for the Earth

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