Suggested changes to Naples Wharf


The Naples City Council met on Monday morning to discuss any proposed changes to the Naples Wharf that would affect your fishing.

All proposed changes are to reduce the number of birds injured by hooks. A Naples police officer says he unhooked six pelicans in the last day. The changes include the implementation of a once-daily fishing limit at the pier as a pilot program from January to May. It also limits the possession of hooks or multi-hooks larger than 5/0.

The proposal also bans the use of unmanned fishing rods and bans fishing daily from 11 pm to 5 pm.

One man who spent the day here with his family says after seeing at the pier he’s all because of change.

“We came down here to walk the Naples Wharf,” said Michael Inks. “And I happened to see this girl catching and rescuing a pelican here. There was a token in my chest. I was really sick. I was really sick, but she did it. I took it out, but it was infected. Yes, they should pay more attention to the pelicans. “

“I don’t think you need 5/0,” Mitch Williams said. “It’s a tarping rig. I enjoy sea bream, mackerel, snacks and pompano. 2/0, hooks of this size are pretty big. And that’s … 2.5 / 0 is 3 times that size. Most of the fishing I think it’s a catch and release here, so what do we care about? “

Immediately after WINK News spoke to Williams, a little boy with him accidentally caught a pelican.

Suggested changes to Naples Wharf

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