Summer wildfires emit record amounts of CO2

Heat waves, drought conditions, and reduced soil moisture amplified by global warming caused unprecedented fires in the Northern Hemisphere.

Wildfires around Siberia, North America, and the Mediterranean have caused record levels of global warming CO2 The EU’s Earth Monitoring Service announced emissions this summer on Tuesday.

Globally, burning forests have emitted over 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2The Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) reported that July and August alone corresponded to India’s annual emissions from all sources.

More than half of CO2 The July wildfire releases came from North America and Siberia.

heat wave, Drought situation, And the reduction in soil moisture amplified by global warming, is causing unprecedented fires on three continents.

Even in the Arctic fireReleases about 66 million tons of CO2 From June to August, nearly 1 billion tonnes were generated across Russia during the same period.

Mark Parrington, senior CAMS scientist and wildfire expert, said:

The fire began to rage in northeastern Siberia in June and began to weaken only in late August and early September, satellite-based surveillance services reported.

Emissions in the region from June to August almost doubled compared to the previous year.

Double the flammable area

in the meantime Satellite image It is not clear how these fires will begin. Many of the flames in early summer are believed to have been caused by “zombie” fires that smolder throughout the winter and then reignite.

Record temperatures near 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) were seen in the western United States and British Columbia, Canada, but the fire devastated vast forests.

Massive smoke from Siberia and North America traveled across the Atlantic and reached parts of England and Europe in August.

Meanwhile, countries along the Mediterranean edge have seen their own uncontrolled wildfires, exacerbated by persistent heat waves.

Turkey’s daily fire intensity has reached the highest level ever recorded in a dataset of nearly 20 years. Other countries burned in uncontrollable flames included Greece, Italy, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Algeria and Tunisia.

Fires broke out in Spain and Portugal in August.

Increased temperature and dryness due to changes in rainfall patterns are caused by shrubs and Forest fire..

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reports that the five years to 2020 were “unprecedented”, especially in fires in Europe and North America.

“Globally, rising temperatures and dryness have lengthened the season of fires and doubled the potential flammable area,” the United Nations IPCC Climate Science Advisory Board reported in a report obtained by the AFP. I concluded in the draft.

Below average fires in 2020 despite monster flames: EU

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Summer wildfires emit record amounts of CO2

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