Sunlight and low humidity to start the week

Good morning Monday morning in southwestern Florida.

The long-awaited cold front finally arrived on Sunday. This minimizes our impact on high temperatures.

But our low temperatures are well below average and will reach the 70’s in some places.

The drier air behind our front will remain for the next few days.

After feeling sultry around breakfast time, our humidity drops to humidity / tolerance after lunch.

This lack of moisture eliminates the possibility of rain until Thursday and Friday.

There are three obstacles and one named storm in the Atlantic Ocean. The two disorders are more likely to form within the next 5 days. In addition, on the Mid-Atlantic coast, there is turmoil with the potential for the formation of the Mid-Atlantic (50%), which poses no threat to the United States.

Hurricane Sam remains a major hurricane until next weekend.

Thankfully, Sam is expected to leave the United States as early as Thursday.

Behind Sam there are two confusions that we are watching carefully. Each obstacle is likely to be a tropical cyclone or storm this week. It’s too early to elaborate exactly where these are heading. At this time, neither poses a * imminent * threat to southwestern Florida.

Sunlight and low humidity to start the week

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