Super typhoon Chantu threatens Philippines and Taiwan

In Cauayan, Isabela, in the northern part of the Philippines, the bridge was submerged due to heavy rain caused by typhoon Chantu.

A rapid typhoon in just 48 hours threatens both the Philippines and Taiwan with devastating winds and torrential rains over the next few days.

According to the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan, Chantu was located about 580 km (360 mph) southeast of Taiwan’s southernmost tip on Friday morning, packed with gusts of 234 km (145 mph) per hour.

The Philippine State Meteorological Agency Typhoon It was expected to graze the northeastern tip of the country late Friday.

The agency warned that there was a “destructive” wind in the town of Santa Anna, which is home to about 35,000 people, and in the eastern part of the Babuyan Islands.

He added that the rough sea would throw waves of 2.5 to 10 meters.

Governor Cagayan has ordered government and private sector workers, excluding front-line services, to stay home and “strengthen” their homes, said state intelligence officer Rogelio Sending.

Most forecasts predict that the storm will continue to sway northeast and could hit Taiwan over the weekend.

“Saturday and Sunday are the closest to Taiwan. (People) need to take precautions. Strong wind It’s pouring down. “

Meteorologists are amazed at how quickly Chantu turned into a powerful storm after its first outbreak between Guam and the Philippines on Monday.

“Chantu went from depression to a cat (egory) -5 typhoon in 48 hours,” wrote Sam Lilo, a researcher at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, on Twitter.

Super typhoon Chantu and Storm Conson

As of Friday, super typhoon Chantu moving west over the Filipino Sea and Storm Conson moving west over the South China Sea toward Vietnam.

He added that only five other storms did it during this century.

In just two days, Chanthu’s wind speed Their height went from 30 mph to 160 mph.

Scientists have long warned that typhoons will become stronger and more rapidly intensifying as the world warms due to anthropogenic climate change.

“This week, Super Typhoon Chantu provided another clear example of how fast a storm can intensify,” NASA wrote in an article about. storm On the blog of the Earth Observatory.

NS Super typhoon Also known as Category 5 Hurricane in the United States. The Earth tends to experience its power storm about five times a year.

According to meteorologists, Chantu is powerful, but small in size and unpredictable.

“Small tropical cyclones are capable of very rapid intensity changes that can be strengthened or weakened,” hurricane scientist Jeff Masters wrote in Yale Climate Connections.

Taiwan is regularly hit by tropical storms Summer months..

As a rare exception, a typhoon never landed last year for the first time in 56 years.

It helped fuel the worst droughts in decades heavy rain Set up a few months ago, it provided the necessary relief.

Hong Kong Observatory predicts that Chantu will decline from a super typhoon to a serious typhoon on Sunday as it approaches the southeastern coast of Taiwan.

NASA is watching a tropical cyclone Chanthu fly over northern Japan

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Super typhoon Chantu threatens Philippines and Taiwan

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