Supermicro launches liquid-cooled initiative

Supermicrocomputer, commonly known as SupermicroIs adding various liquid cooling solutions to its server products. Supermicro works with customers to design, implement, and test the latest liquid cooling technology at the rack level. Customers implementing liquid cooling can improve their data center’s PUE (Power Efficiency) and TCO by more than 40% by reducing power costs, the company said.

Cooling is for new systems on the market. Like most OEMs that support liquid cooling, Supermicro does not recommend modifying existing equipment. There are two reasons for this. First, it is expensive because it requires drilling holes in the rack and server chassis to make room for cooling piping. Second, the entire rack or cluster must be inactive during the modification, which most companies do not tolerate.

The Supermicro system selected includes not only servers with x86, but also modern GPU systems. Supermicro’s SuperBlade, BigTwin, and Ultra systems are designed for demanding workloads and applications such as AI. High performance computing (HPC), and associated workloads that require frequently and densely packed CPUs and GPUs.

Supermicro will work closely with our customers to determine the best combination of liquid cooling solutions. Engineers design solutions based on the type of system selected and the infrastructure of the data center. Liquid cooling technology can be used to optimize the operating environment for all or part of the data center.

Type of liquid cooling

Supermicro offers three types of cooling. Direct (D2C) cooling to the chip. Immersion cooling; and cooling of the rear door heat exchanger (RDHx). These technologies can be used individually or in combination.

D2C is the most common cooling method. A copper heat plate is attached to the CPU, but instead of blowing a fan on the plate to cool it, a pipe is used to send cold water, the plate is cooled with water, and hot water is discharged from the pipe. The water goes through the loop and returns at a much lower temperature than when it left the processor.

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Supermicro launches liquid-cooled initiative

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