Supplies launched on China’s new space station for the next crew

In this photo released by China’s Xinhua News Agency, Tianzhou 4 spacecraft is under construction in China, as seen on the video screen of Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Docking with the station. Chinese cargo ship docked with the country’s under-construction space station on Tuesday prior to the new three crew members arriving next month. Credit: Guo Zhongzheng / Xinhua via AP

A Chinese cargo ship docked on Tuesday at a space station under construction in the country, ahead of the new three crew members arriving next month.

The Tianzhou 4 spacecraft was thrown into space above the Long March 7 Y5 rocket at 1:56 am from the Wenchang Launch Site on the southern island of Hainan Province. State media said it docked with the station about seven hours later.

The cargo ship will provide supplies for the next crew member’s six-month stay with research equipment. spare parts To maintain the station.

The last crew of the station returned to Earth last month after staying at the station, China’s longest space mission to date, for six months.

China plans to complete the construction of the station this year, adding two laboratory modules in July and October to link to the Tenwa Living Module released in April 2021. Cargo craftTianzhou 3 remains docked with the station.

China’s space program With the first astronauts in orbit in 2003, China has become the third country to orbit with its own resources after the former Soviet Union and the United States.

Last year, we landed a robot rover on the moon and placed it on Mars. China also returned samples from the moon, and authorities discussed the possibility of crew missions to the moon.

The government will launch China’s first reusable spacecraft in 2020 Test flight However, no photos or details have been published.

China has been excluded from the International Space Station due to US unrest. Space program It is run by the PLA, the military arm of the ruling Communist Party.

Shenzhou 14 crew mission Scheduled to be released next month, I will stay for 6 months. Towards the end of the mission, three more astronauts will be launched on Shenzhou 15 for another six months, two crew members will overlap for three to five days, and it will be the first time for six people to board the station. ..

China will dispatch the crew of the next space station in June

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Supplies launched on China’s new space station for the next crew

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