Survey found systemic bullying and harassment in astronomy and geophysics

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The results of new research by astronomers and geophysicists show that these sciences have problems with systematic bullying. It’s disproportionately bad for women and people in minority groups. In a field survey of more than 650 people conducted by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) last year, 44% of respondents were bullied or harassed at work within the last 12 months. RAS Diversity Officer Aine O’Brien will present important results at a talk at the Virtual National Astronomy Conference on Thursday, July 22nd.

The main initial survey results are as follows.

  • People with disabilities, and black and ethnic minority astronomers and geophysicists, are 40% more likely to be bullied than non-disabled and white colleagues, respectively.
  • Women and non-dual people in this area are 50% more likely to be bullied or harassed than men.
  • Fifty percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer astronomers and queer astronomers have been bullied in the last 12 months, and 12% of bisexual astronomers have reported being bullied at least once a week.

The Diversity Commission for RAS Astronomy and Geophysics commissioned the study, and O’Brien and Dr. Sheila Kanani, Head of Education, Outreach and Diversity of the Royal Astronomical Society conducted the study and analyzed the results. ..

“This is the first time such data has been collected in our field,” O’Brien said. “It’s dark, sadly somewhat surprising, but the need to improve the work culture of academia. Clear evidence to show. We are well reported Diversity It’s a STEM issue and it doesn’t help at all. I feel that women and minorities are being pushed out. “

RAS President Emma Bunce said, “The results of the investigation are very concerned and we must act to change this unacceptable situation. RAS is important to clarify these facts. I am working and I promise to work with the community. Urgently improve the environment of astronomy and geophysics. “

Dr. Natasha Stephen, Chair of the RAS Astronomy and Geophysical Diversity Commission (CDAG), said: A worried picture of how people in marginalized communities are often treated. While admitting that most of these intersecting issues cannot be resolved overnight, CDAG will work with RAS Fellows and the broader discipline to understand and address these systematic issues. “

The data was collected as part of an extensive survey covering the experiences of suffering from bullying and harassment, witnesses and workplace culture. astronomy And geophysics. The full findings will be published by RAS later this summer.

Bullying “follows” LGB people from school to work

Quote: In the survey, astronomy and geophysics obtained on July 21, 2021 from https: // (July 21, 2021) ) Bullying and harassment can be seen systemically

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Survey found systemic bullying and harassment in astronomy and geophysics

Source link Survey found systemic bullying and harassment in astronomy and geophysics

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