Sweden tightens virus regulation for fear of third wave

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Fearing a potential third wave of pandemics, Sweden said Wednesday that it tightened virus restrictions and warned of further suppression if people did not stick to the rules.

As new incidents increase in the country, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven closed cafes, bars and restaurants from March 1st to 8:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time 1930), limiting admission to shops and gyms. Said that it would be done.

A day ago, Stockholm authorities always recommended the use of face masks on public transport and indoors where social distance could not be maintained.

Previously, masks were only recommended for rush hour public transport.

Sweden has never imposed blockades found elsewhere in Europe and prioritized social distance over the use of face masks.

However, it has recently begun to tighten rules, banning the sale of alcohol after 8 pm, banning gatherings of eight or more people, both public and private, and limiting the number of customers in stores, pools and sports centers. Did.

Johann Carlson, head of the Public Health Agency, said Wednesday that more stringent restrictions could be imposed on stores and gyms without further designation.

Previously, face masks were required in Congress, except for speakers speaking in Congress.

Education Minister Anna Ekström said stricter restrictions would help keep the school open for as long as possible.

“Schools should be closed last and opened first,” she told reporters.

“There is a considerable risk of the so-called third wave. It is the actions of you and our group that determine if this happens,” said Premier Robert.

Löfven warned that the government was ready to shut down parts of society if things went wrong.

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Sweden tightens virus regulation for fear of third wave

Source link Sweden tightens virus regulation for fear of third wave

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