SWFL boasts a booming job market for college graduates

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Nearly half of recent college graduates across the country are stuck looking for a job, and when they find a job, 69% expect a lower salary. But here in southwest Florida, we’re experiencing the exact opposite of that trend. There are too many jobs here and there are not enough people to fill the jobs.

According to CareerSource in southwestern Florida, graduates here are on track and the company is in contact with all universities in the area to ensure student placement. The pandemic states that it may have caused more severe blockades for graduates from other states, which is why national figures indicate that recent graduates are struggling to find employment.

“Internships, whatever it was, it was a big stop,” said Janeth Castrejon of CareerSource SWFL. “It wasn’t happening. There may have been some virtual internships and volunteers … but it’s not the same. I didn’t get the same experience needed to prepare for that work environment. Therefore. All of these at the national level of college graduates have retreated them from landing their jobs. “

For the first time in a while, CareerSource says that technical work needs to be fulfilled. As we focus on technology, more companies want their employees to have skills in the field. According to the company, SWFL is currently a job seeker market. If you want to work and have the skills, there are many things waiting for you, and many employers make extra efforts to get people involved.

“It’s time to look out of the box,” said Castrejon. “Now employers are at a competitive level with each other, offering sign-on bonuses and more benefits than before, because they have to compete for their talent in the open positions they have. is.”

SWFL boasts a booming job market for college graduates

Source link SWFL boasts a booming job market for college graduates

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