Sydney Sweeney talks about shooting euphoric nude scenes

The Of the new series Euphoria Landing on our screen this month, fans Many Of opinion.From the character arc that has not been redeemed very much Nate Jacobs Lou’s new friendship with Elliott (also known as Dominic Fike), Sydney Sweeney characters Kathy and Maddy ( Alexa Demie), Show viewers are competing for a lot so far.As typical of Euphoria, Some NSFW scenes have also caused some controversy.

In the first episode of Series 2, Rue ( Zendaya) Is the only character who refuses to be naked when asked to do so by a group of dangerous drug dealers. Conversely, Sweeney’s character, Kathy, is the first protagonist to get naked in the sex scene of the next episode. As a result, some Twitter fans compared the two characters, and Sweeney looked down on shooting more nude scenes.

In a recent interview Independent, Sweeney acknowledged the scene and confirmed that she had never felt an unpleasant shoot. Euphoria..The actor explained that this was mainly due to the fact that it was Intimacy Coordinator On the set, but also for the show’s screenwriter Sam Levinson. “There is a moment when Kathy was supposed to be Shirtless Sweeney said, “I don’t think it’s necessary here,” and “OK, I don’t need it.” “I never felt like Sam pushed it against me, or I was trying to incorporate the nude scene into the HBO show. When I didn’t want to do it, he didn’t make me. “

In essence, it’s obvious Several Scene Euphoria The actors in the set, who did not need the same level of nudity as others and ended up shooting nude scenes, are designed to feel comfortable and safe. And most importantly, they are also involved in those decisions.

Sydney Sweeney talks about shooting euphoric nude scenes

Source link Sydney Sweeney talks about shooting euphoric nude scenes

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