Tablo talks about mental health and Epik High’s new album

Epik High Frontman Taburo was exposed to intense cyberbullying from 2010 to 2012 and is now open to the experience. The 41-year-old star is an anti-fan group called TaJinYo for a variety of reasons, from immigrating to Canada (exempting South Korea’s two-year military service) to earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University within four years. Was attacked by. Year.Speaking of his experience, Taburo said Teen Vogue“The only silver lining I could imagine was that hopefully there would be at least some awareness through this, and I proved to be true and succumbed to killing myself. If not, hopefully people will find it possible to defeat this, but this was fake news Previous Fake news. .. .. .. Nothing has changed. 8 people Imprisonment and probation For their involvement.

Cyberbullying has also affected families, including their father, who died in 2012.Taburo has the impact of its loss and cyberbullying on mental health New album, “Epik High Is Here: Part 2”, released on February 14th. “I’ve been working on it for a while, but it’s a bit too personal, so I postponed it ….. I wanted it. It’s not just about me, it’s about people who lost their families. I I didn’t really want to release this song. [at first]”He said of the ballad,” Family Portrait. “

“You always keep in mind that this might be your last album, right? And if it’s our last album, we wanted to keep it on record,” Taburo said. For the future of Epik High, see[DJ] Tukts always says that 10 studio albums are a good piece, and more than that seems to exaggerate your welcome, and for the first time in my life, I agree. But he doesn’t exclude anything. Just by saying this, it’s quite possible that the album will work really well and look like “Go to the next album, baby!”. “

Tablo talks about mental health and Epik High’s new album

Source link Tablo talks about mental health and Epik High’s new album

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