Taiga is reportedly not charged with a felony in the 2021 domestic violence arrest

By the way, Taiga does not seem to be charged with a felony in the arrest of domestic violence involving former girlfriend Kamarin Swanson. Less than two weeks after Kamarin shared a photo showing a possible settlement between her and Taiga, her high-level bill went out of the window. Los Angeles County District Attorney, according to TMZ Passed the case At a law firm in LA. This means that taiga will not be prosecuted for felony, as only the district attorney’s office is reported to be able to handle the felony.

Previous allegations and arrests

As previously reported, Taiga surrendered to police in October 2021.police Arrested taiga About felony domestic violence. However, he was later released from detention with a $ 50,000 deposit.

The first TMZ report was said by former girlfriend Kamarin Arrived at Taiga’s house Uninvited at 3 am, there was a screaming match and physical violence as she entered. However, Kamarin later released a graphic photo showing her severely injured eyes. She tagged TMZ in her photo, saying, “I’ve been emotionally, mentally and physically abused and I’m not hiding it anymore.” Camaryn also shared a text thread displaying the received text “Cars downstairs” after 2:55 am. The thread then displays the received text at 7:14 am, displaying three sad emojis and the text “Very painful”. “

“@TMZ I didn’t show” screams “or uninvited people,” Camaryn wrote with a screenshot of the text thread. “When I was about to leave, he was physically assaulted and refused to let me leave for hours.”

she Also expression She felt “broken heart” saying “I didn’t think” [the person receiving the text was] The last message in the screenshot is “I can do this”.

Camaryn and Tyga seem to be reconciled at first glance

Camaryn shared a photo on Instagram from his 23rd birthday to January 25th. In addition to stunning white cakes, balloons and rose centerpieces, Camaryn posted a photo sitting next to Tyga. In the photo, Kamarin has his head resting on the taiga’s shoulders, both showing pearly white. The two look comfortable, but no additional details about the encounter were shared.

For now, Tyga plays waiting games. He is not charged with a felony, but he can still be misdemeanor.

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Taiga is reportedly not charged with a felony in the 2021 domestic violence arrest

Source link Taiga is reportedly not charged with a felony in the 2021 domestic violence arrest

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