Taliban announces “pardon” to encourage women to join the government

Kabul, Afghanistan (AP)

The Taliban declared a “pardon” across Afghanistan on Tuesday, urging women to join the government and calming the nervous capital, which was confused at the airport the day before, as people tried to escape their control. I tried to do it.

Comments by Enamura Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, represent the first comments on national governance of the entire country after an electric shock.

There were no major reports of abuse or fighting in Kabul, but many inhabitants remained home and feared after the prisons were emptied and weapons were looted due to the hijacking of armed groups. Older generations remember the ultra-conservative Islamic views, including stoning, cutting, and public execution during the US-led pre-invasion following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“The Islamic Emirate does not want women to be victims,” ​​Samangani said using Afghan extremist terminology. “They should be in a governmental structure according to Shari’a law.”

“The structure of the government is not completely clear, but based on experience, it has full Islamic leadership and requires all sides to participate,” he added.

Samangani remained ambiguous in other details, but implied that people already knew the rules of Islamic law that the Taliban expected to obey.

“Our people are Islam and we are not here to force them into Islam,” he said.

Under the Taliban, which ruled according to the strict interpretation of Islamic law, women were primarily trapped in their homes. Armed groups have sought to project greater moderation in recent years, but many Afghans remain skeptical.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, NATO’s senior civilian representative of Afghanistan, Stefano Ponte Corvo, posted an online video showing that the runway was empty and there were US troops on the tarmac. From behind the wire mesh fence in the video, I saw something that looked like a military freighter.

The runway is “open,” he wrote on Twitter. “I see the plane land and take off.”

Overnight, flight tracking data show that the U.S. Marine Corps KC-130J Hercules plane took off at the airport and then to Qatar, where Al Udeid Air Base and the U.S. Central Command’s front headquarters are located. I did.

Meanwhile, the German Foreign Ministry said the first German transport plane had landed in Kabul, but only seven people were on board by the time it departed again.

“Due to the chaotic conditions of the airport and the regular fire exchange at the access point last night, German citizens and other people who need to evacuate come to the airport without protection from the German army. Was impossible, “said the ministry.

India’s Pretrust and state television reported a special military flight in which about 120 Indian officials landed separately in western Gujarat after taking off from a major airport in Kabul on Tuesday. Another flight also landed on Monday.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that staff at the Swedish Embassy in Kabul have returned to Sweden.

Thousands of Afghans rushed to Kabul’s major airports on Monday. Desperate to escape the Taliban, they grabbed it when the military plane took off and plunged.At least seven people died in the turmoil, U.S. officials said

Throughout Afghanistan, the International Committee of the Red Cross said thousands were injured in the fighting. Security forces and politicians handed over the state and base without fighting. Perhaps 20 years of Western experiments to rebuild Afghanistan believed that the resurrected Taliban could not survive. The last US military was scheduled to withdraw at the end of the month.

“The world is deeply distressed by what happened in Afghanistan and is deeply worried about the outlook,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Resolute U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday that he was standing “just behind” the decision to withdraw from the U.S. military and acknowledged the “damaging” image of Kabul. Biden said he faced the choice of respecting the previously negotiated withdrawal agreement or sending back thousands more troops to start the 30-year war.

“Twenty years later, I learned the difficult way that there was never a good time to withdraw US troops,” Biden said in a television speech from the White House.

Negotiations seemed to continue between the Taliban and several Afghan government officials, including former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, who once headed the state’s negotiation council. President Ashraf Ghani has previously fled the country in the Taliban’s advance, leaving his whereabouts unknown.

Taliban senior leader Amir Khan Muttaki said he had arrived in Kabul from Qatar. Muttaki is a former Minister of Higher Education during the Taliban’s last reign. Muttaki had begun to contact political leaders in Afghanistan even before the crab fled.


Akhgar reported from Istanbul, Gannon from Guelph, Canada, and Gambrell from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Associated Press writer Kirsten Grieshaber of Berlin and Jan Olson of Copenhagen, Denmark contributed to this report.

Taliban announces “pardon” to encourage women to join the government

Source link Taliban announces “pardon” to encourage women to join the government

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