Tape backup as defensive vs. ransomware

Tape is arguably not the best choice for primary recovery, but it does provide a reliable option for recovering ransomware-sacrificed systems and data without paying a ransom.

The cloud generally has many advantages over tape as a recovery tool, but there are situations where tape needs to be seriously considered, including ransomware recovery.

When there are not enough clouds

Whether to use the cloud to recover ransomware has been a religious debate in many circles. Choosing the cloud has many positive benefits, including cost, speed, and immediate availability. All of these are great benefits in responding to ransomware attacks.

But maybe you’re working in an industry that doesn’t yet trust the cloud. Some companies, especially some government agencies, are really frowned upon giving up physical control over their data. They want to get a copy that can be managed both electronically and physically. They need to put it in a box or cage so that they can see and know that it is physically protected. They consider it unsafe because they cannot see the clouds.

Other organizations are fine with using the cloud for some applications, but do not consider it suitable for data protection.

Disk risk

“At risk when on disc” was the marketing slogan of a tape company many years ago. Perhaps it was in response to a disc vendor’s “suck tape, go ahead” campaign, but there was some truth to the disc and risk claims.

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Tape backup as defensive vs. ransomware

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