Technology fell below expected costs for 2020 census – NBC4 Washington, reports

According to a new Watchdog report released on Monday, the cost of the 2020 census is expected to be $ 14.2 billion, well below the previous estimate of $ 15.6 billion. This reflects the reduction in the number of people in the country due to technological innovation.

Costs have fallen, even though the Census Bureau has spent another $ 1.1 billion to respond to the pandemic. The pandemic epidemic in the United States coincided with the start of the number of US residents for most US residents in March 2020.

Innovations have surprised statisticians with higher-than-expected self-answer rates, allowing most households to answer census questionnaires online for the first time, not just by mail or phone.

According to a report by the Government Accountability Office, this innovation also allows census officers to remove answers from their households using mobile devices, which is the most efficient way census officers follow when moving from home to home. The route has been created.

According to the report, the bureau will reduce the number of local offices it has set up and use administrative records to open the door to households that did not respond or census personnel seeking answers about households. We were able to reduce costs by filling in the answers from households that did not.

The cost per household in the 2020 census was not significantly higher than in 2010. That’s $ 96 per household, compared to $ 92 per household. In contrast, before that it jumped between 10 and 10 years, rising from $ 16 per household in 1970 to $ 80 per household in 2000. At the same time, the self-answer rate declined and census practitioners had to pay more to knock. The door of people who haven’t answered the questionnaire yet, the report said.

“This suggests that the agency has eased the historically rising cost curve of the census, despite the costs associated with COVID-19,” the GAO report said.

The pandemic caused operational delays, forcing the agency to extend the deadline for completing field operations by several months, and forcing the purchase of millions of gloves and masks for census personnel.

The bureau also allowed answers without a unique identification number to facilitate the answer to the questionnaire. According to the report, the agency received 17 million responses without an identification number, even though it expected only 9 million.

The 10-year census determines the number of parliamentary seats and electoral college votes each state wins, and the $ 1.5 trillion distribution of federal spending.


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Technology fell below expected costs for 2020 census – NBC4 Washington, reports

Source link Technology fell below expected costs for 2020 census – NBC4 Washington, reports

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