Teeth Whitening: Possible Risk and Side Effects

The teeth are both a vital part of the human body and a great contributor to a person’s self-confidence. However, the teeth may be stained or discoloured for many reasons. While most stains are not a cause for alarm, you may still want to consider teeth whitening in a reputable Brampton dental clinic. Just as there are several reasons for getting discoloured teeth, people’s reasons for pursuing teeth whitening options also vary. Here are some of these reasons:

  1. Discolouration – Some of the reasons why the teeth changes colour are plaque and tartar buildup, taking in medicines and other substances, food, and bad oral habits.
  1. Special Occasions – Discolouration is often a confidence-breaker. Many people with discoloured teeth do not have the courage to attend certain special events because of their fears of getting talked about. They would often resort to whitening treatments to help them get back their bright and healthy smiles.
  1. Job Interviews – In finding a new job, you need to put your best foot forward. One of the ways to exude the confidence needed to ace that interview is by showing a confident smile. Having a bright and healthy smile can portray the energy and enthusiasm that most hiring managers look for in candidates.
  1. To Counter Aging – As you age, the tooth enamel will naturally get worn down so it becomes more prone to discolouration. To offset this effect, you can undergo whitening treatments that are appropriate to the condition of the gums and teeth.
  1. To Counter the Effects of Smoking – Smoking comes with various health and aesthetic issues. One of the parts of the body where these effects appear soonest is in the teeth. Nicotine and plaque buildup leads to this discolouration. Dentists can help target discolouration.
  1. To Boost Self-Confidence – As your smile plays a great role in your overall well-being, a white set of teeth can give you the confidence boost that you need.
  1. To Correct Staining – Your diet, especially if it includes coffee, tea, and wine can cause discolouration. Teeth whitening can counter the effects of this food to bring back your pearly whites.

Effects of Whitening Your Teeth

Before undergoing any treatment, be sure to have yourself checked by a dentist in your locality in Oshawa, Brampton, or Ottawa. You will be given a bit of advice on the best treatment you can try in the clinic or if at-home and DIY products can still help. Whitening treatments are generally safe but there are some side effects that you also have to be mindful of.

  1. Increased tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs in the early stages of the bleaching treatment. At this point, the dentin, or the second layer of the tooth, experiences pain and discomfort as a response to stimuli like hot or cold food. It can be experienced in a single tooth or several teeth. Most of the time, the pain and discomfort would subside days after the initial bleaching process. If the problem continues, it would be best to tell your dentist about it and to discontinue the process if necessary.

  1. Gum irritation 

Another common reaction to tooth whitening is gum or soft tissue irritation. This is considered a medical burn which happens when a chemical, like bleach, comes in contact with the skin and causes irritation. The burn can cause soreness, whitening of the tissue in contact, and flaking. Most of the time, the tissue will get back to its normal state within a few hours to a few days.

  1. Altering the enamel

The tooth is composed of several layers and its topmost layer is the enamel. It serves as a protective layer against the softer inner components of the tooth. The bleaching products used in teeth whitening can have a permanent and irreversible effect on the enamel which includes sensitivity to cracks and cavities. When assisted by the best dentist in Ottawa, you are less likely to have this problem. On the other hand, if you are taking the DIY route, you need to be wary of your usage of products as overdoing things can lead to the alteration of the enamel.

  1. Make teeth brittle

Brittle teeth are often a result of poor oral care and constant grinding and clenching. When bleaching products are applied, the enamel erodes. You will notice that your teeth will chip at the slightest of force like biting on hard foods.

  1. Teeth wear 

The improper use of whitening products can result in tooth wear. At this point, you will lose a portion of your tooth’s surface. It is a normal scenario as you grow older but, when coupled with other activities like applying chemicals in the hopes to restore its original colour, you will experience wearing sooner. If left untreated, worn teeth can lead to nerve exposure which will bring pain and discomfort.

How to Lessen the Risks

 Do side effects make teeth whitening a no-no procedure? Of course, not. You can still go through the process of restoring your pearly whites but, make sure to follow these things to lessen the risks:

  1. Visit your dentist. Only a professional knows when it is safe to go through the whitening process. Have a thorough assessment of your oral health condition before proceeding.

  1. Only do this on permanent healthy enamel. If you are wearing instruments like braces, veneers, and crowns, you will not be able to proceed with the whitening process.
  1. Make sure that you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Aside from the chemicals involved in bleaching, some dentists can also use UV light and other instruments that are not to be used on pregnant women.
  1. Drop old habits. If you are constantly smoking and leading a poor oral health habit then you cannot expect results from any treatment.
  1. Use products in moderation. There are DIY teeth whitening products in the market and people have the tendency to abuse them. The key to keeping your healthy smile is to always do things in moderation.

Teeth whitening procedures are generally safe for people as long as they are administered with the guidance of health professionals. When in doubt, be sure to visit your dentist for sound advice on getting those pearly whites back.

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