Temporary tattoos often used by children can destroy the protective barrier function of the skin

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Temporary transfer tattoos, especially popular with children, can damage the protective barrier of the skin. this is, Clinical Medical Journal By UGR researchers Jose Pablo Serrano, Trinidad Montero, Agustin Buendia, Salvador Aria.

In their study, they analyzed the dermatological effects of permanent tattoos created using needles that penetrate the skin and the dermatological effects of temporary transfer tattoos. Jose Pablo Serrano explains that the latter is the most damaging. low temperatureCompared to skin control without tattoos, the stratum corneum (epidermis) is inadequately hydrated and has poor overall antioxidant capacity. “

The level of transepidermal water loss was higher with the tattooed skin than with the untattooed skin. This may indicate that there is some damage to the epidermal protective barrier of the skin.

These experts warn that temporary transfer tattoos should be used with caution, especially for patients suffering from some skin damage such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

In this survey, new components Scientific literature, Most Side effects Those related to the listed tattoos are associated with permanent ones and are usually infections, granulomas, or Allergic reaction It is caused by the pigment used or the tattoo procedure itself. In addition, other types of temporary tattoos, such as henna base, not analyzed in this study are associated with a number of harmful allergic reactions.

The effects of permanent tattoos

So what is the effect of permanent tattoos? Serrano points out a “tattoo traumatic process” that can cause “adverse skin reactions.”However, according to this study, permanently tattooed skin is not significantly different from untattooed skin. skin.. “We conclude that permanent tattoos do not seem to have a significant impact on the functioning of the epidermal barrier. This is a tattoo transfer,” explains Serrano.

As experts explain, in general, the tattooing process is “traumatic and not without complications”, so be careful before deciding to do a tattoo. I recommend it. It is imperative to read all available information about possible risks of infection or allergies and to choose a professional parlor to provide. Quality standards And first-class hygiene that helps minimize these risks. “It’s also helpful to know what kind of pigments you plan to use in your tattoos and the potential allergens they may have,” Serrano advises.

Experts, anyone thinking about getting tattoo If you need advice on possible skin effects, always consult a dermatologist first.

Tattoos can impair sweating and increase the risk of heat-related injuries

Quote: Temporary transfer tattoos often used by children are the skin protection barriers obtained from https: // on September 8, 2021. May confuse features (2021, September 8th) skin.html

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Temporary tattoos often used by children can destroy the protective barrier function of the skin

Source link Temporary tattoos often used by children can destroy the protective barrier function of the skin

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