Tessica Brown Announces Unique Hair Care Product Line

There is no doubt that when Tessica Brown got the name “Gorilla Glue Girl”, she started this year in a very memorable way. However, she seems to be taking lessons learned and using them to launch her own hair care product line.

she is TMZ About her new business venture, Forever Hair. She told the site that she wanted to make a product for people who experienced hair damage or hair loss after her personal experience. Some of the products she starts with are hair sprays, hair growth drops, and edge controls.

She reassured her that unlike the “gorilla glue” she used on her hair earlier this year, her product did not produce the same results and was easily washed off the hair. As you may remember in February, Tessica sought an answer on social media after revealing that she had used “Gorilla Glue” glue on her hair after the “Gots 2 Be” hairspray was gone. I did.

Struggling to get rid of the glue from her hair, she quickly became infected with the virus and was able to raise thousands of dollars looking for a solution.She was later helped by Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon Michael Oven, who went through the $ 12,500 procedure for free, eventually helped restore the hair to its natural state.

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Tessica Brown Announces Unique Hair Care Product Line

Source link Tessica Brown Announces Unique Hair Care Product Line

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