Texas brings together hundreds of Astroworld proceedings

Almost three months have passed since the deadly crowd surge in Roommates. Astroworld Festival In Houston, 10 people were killed and thousands were injured. Hundreds of proceedings have been filed against Live Nation and Travis Scott over the deadly music festival. Instead of nearly 400 individual proceedings, a committee of Texas courts has formally approved the proceedings to be combined into one, according to a new report.

according to Billboard, January 26, Texas Judicial Panel On Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), joint motion from both victims and organizers to consolidate proceedings in front of one judge for all pretrial proceedings I admitted. The new proceedings will include at least 387 individual proceedings representing nearly 2,800 victims. These proceedings allege that Live Nation, Travis, and other organizers have made legal negligence in Astroworld’s planning and implementation. Victims and their families are seeking billions of damages in total.

The report also shows that multi-district proceedings are the standard proceedings for class injury proceedings. The goal is to avoid the inefficiency of individually trying many cases that share important similarities. This process seems to allow one judge to coordinate the case and streamline complex pretrial procedures such as discovery, which is the process of handing over evidence.

In addition, it may be easier to negotiate a single settlement. Billboard also shows that the parties have agreed on a new move towards a single proceeding. Both lawyers write that this type of proceeding is exactly what the Texas MDL process is designed to deal with. At present, the order did not reveal which Texas judge would handle the case, but in their joint submission, the victim and the organizer’s lawyer requested Judge Lauren Leader. The report did not reveal when the leader judge was their choice. Roommates, we’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.

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Texas brings together hundreds of Astroworld proceedings

Source link Texas brings together hundreds of Astroworld proceedings

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