The $ 1,400 third stimulus check passes the House Commission on the Biden COVID-19 Relief Bill

Washington-Democrats push half of President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout plan through the House of Representatives Thursday, hundreds of Republicans calling them expensive, financially damaging, and bravely partisan He has paid $ 1,400 to millions of Americans and other initiatives.

The Ways and Means Commission approves Biden’s $ 940 billion chunk in a party-line vote in 25-18, highlighting an enthusiastic week in which 12 house panels show contributions to vast measures. Did. On Wednesday, the Education and Labor Relations Commission approved another top priority of the Democratic Party. This is to raise the federal minimum wage from $ 7.25 to $ 15 per hour in five years.

When asked if the entire House bill would include a minimum wage increase, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “That’s right. We’re very proud of it.” .. Its fate remains volatile in the more moderate Senate.

The House bill will provide state and local governments with hundreds of billions of dollars, facilitate vaccination efforts, raise tax credits for children, and increase unemployment and federal health care. Democratic leaders have submitted a bill to Biden’s desk by mid-March with Senate approval and hope to pass the House later this month.

On a committee-by-committee basis, Republicans have launched a wave of revisions in vain with Democratic measures in an attempt to upset the new president’s top priorities-stopping a deadly pandemic, losing 10 million jobs and losing countless businesses. A large-scale bill aimed at reviving a closed economy.

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And while Democrats fend off the amendments, their control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is very weak. The split between progressive and moderate and solid Republican opposition mean that the final outline of the bill can still shift.

The Republican amendment spotlighted what they see as political soft spots available to them. Their theme was clear: Democrats overspending, hurting workers and employers’ job markets, too generous for some migrants, inviting fraud and rewarding political alliance-Democrats ridiculously Claimed to be rejected as being.

And while the Republican amendment was defeated, the Democrats were forced to take a position in the 2022 elections to take up ads for the Republican campaign.

There was an amendment to exempt the smallest businesses from the Democratic Party’s plans to cut the $ 400 additional weekly unemployment benefits that the Democrats want to offer until August and gradually raise the minimum wage from $ 7.25 to $ 15 per hour. Others limit emergency subsidies to undergraduates to U.S. citizens, ban federal subsidies for some occupational health insurance for people without Social Security numbers, and many immigrants Effectively targeted.

Republican proposals also string emergency funds to help schools reopen safely, for schools to offer face-to-face classes or for education savings accounts if schools remain closed. You would have demanded that you give your parents money. Yet others ensure that aid to renters, homeowners and the aviation industry will not last long after the pandemic is over, and urban traffic between cities and rural areas represented by many Republicans. Would have split $ 26 billion for the system.

“I don’t know if the White House knows this, but you’re supposed to create jobs, not kill them,” said Kevin, Texas Congressman, top Republican of the Ways and Means Panel. Brady said.

Biden campaigned for the reunion of President Donald Trump’s victorious four-year split. He met with 10 Republican senators two weeks ago to discuss the COVID-19 project in a session that seemed hearty but produced no visible movement.

Democrats say attempts to compromise with Republicans wereted time, and when President Barack Obama sought a compromise on economic stimulus in his first year, 2009, the package turned out to be too small. I will. They want to complete this first Biden goal before the emergency unemployment allowance expires on March 14th, without tripping over it.

House of Representatives leaders Kevin McCarthy and R-Caliph hope he will chair the GOP-run House of Representatives in the 2022 elections, and Republicans have regained work and reopened school. He suggested that he was ready to provide the vaccine. “But he said the Democratic Party’s” policy distractions only weaken America and stop our recovery. “

The Democratic Party disputed the Republican Party’s claim. For example, the proposed $ 400 weekly pandemic unemployment allowance is very generous and will discourage people from looking for a job.

“The best thing about this amendment is not to quote it unquoted or give it a lot of money to ruin people,” said D-Wis lawmaker Nguyen Moore. She said people who lost their jobs “do not deserve to live beyond hunger-level wages.”

Still, Republicans have expressed concern about the size of the $ 1.9 trillion package. “Big things don’t necessarily mean good things,” said Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.

The Congressional Budget Office expects the economy to add an average of 521,000 jobs per month this year. This is a sign of strong employment, partially made possible by government assistance. However, these benefits may depend on the containment of the virus. Employers started 2021 with the addition of just 49,000 jobs in January as illness deaths curtailed economic activity.

The Energy and Commerce Committee section of the plan is over $ 180 billion and will provide billions of dollars in COVID-19 vaccination, testing, contact tracing and treatment. We will invest $ 1.75 billion in “genome sequencing” or DNA mapping of viral samples to identify potentially more dangerous coronavirus mutations and study how quickly they spread.

It will also advance long-standing democratic priorities such as expanding coverage under affordable care laws in the Obama era.

It has not yet adopted the Medicaid expansion of the law targeting more low-income adults, hanging financial carrots primarily in front of 12 southern states and a temporary federal aid to the newly expanding states. Proposes a 5% increase. Healthcare program for low-income earners.

Within the Medicaid Expansion Holdout state, there are major populated areas such as Texas, Florida, and Georgia. It’s unclear if such sweeteners are sufficient to eradicate long-standing Republican opposition to the expansion of Medicaid.


Associated Press writers Hope Yen and Josh Boak contributed to this report.

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The $ 1,400 third stimulus check passes the House Commission on the Biden COVID-19 Relief Bill

Source link The $ 1,400 third stimulus check passes the House Commission on the Biden COVID-19 Relief Bill

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