The 3 Most Popular Sports for Floridians to Bet On

Sports betting has been common to many sports fans, but in Florida is done by locals and by some legislature. Besides, individuals may wager on their local team as giving them support through sports betting.

As a Floridian, you need to know more tactics and the most popular sport to bet on for maximizing your winning chances. You can also look at the recommended betting sites in India to not miss a more fantastic opportunity offered by unique betting sites elsewhere.

If you’re a sport better based in Florida, below is a compiled list to know what to bet on. Besides, betting on popular sports will provide you with relevant online reviews since most Florida sports bettors have experience with them, increasing your winning probability.

The Most Popular Sports for Floridians to Bet On

Let’s go straight and review the taste of Floridians in terms of what type of sports they mostly prefer when it comes to sports betting. Also, putting your hard-earned money into something you don’t like might be challenging. Therefore, most sports betters in Florida are huge fans of Florida-based sports.


Mostly, basketball is the most-watched game globally, making most of its fun to wild. So, it is automatic to conclude that most Floridians bettors are for basketball. Besides, what influences Floridians in placing their bet is their favorite teams representing Florida in the Pro League. Florida always plays in the NBA through Orlando Magic and Miami Heat.

Suppose you conclude that soccer is only thriving in Europe. You will be wrong. Floridians love betting for their favorite basketball clubs. You’ll find betters from Florida spending hours just analyzing the betting to have a chance of winning. The love for soccer in Florida started when Orlando Magic was founded in 2013.

Moreover, the fan base had grown from 2015 when Orlando Magic experienced a significant debut in the league. Though Florida teams have not won the MLS championship, Floridians are addicted to placing their bets for basketball, attracting a large fan base. Besides, Orlando is the beacon of hope for soccer fans in Florida.

American Football

Most Americans find consolation in football. When you ask Floridians why they love football, you will receive the answer that everyone loves American football, and it is unavoidable. That’s why Super Bowl is common among Floridians. They believe if you don’t play in the field, be on the bench to watch, and bet along.

Florida State has a vast number of football fans compared to other states. Therefore, betting and supporting different football teams have been Florida’s norm. Besides, there is a diverse professional team from Florida, that is:

  • Miami Dolphins football team.
  • Jacksonville Jaguar football team.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team.

Among the top three football teams, the Dolphins is the oldest team and the most famous. Hence, the Dolphins’ great history has been carved in individuals’ minds. Besides, the renowned football teams have a great base of fans. Compelling sports betters are ever on their toes betting around. The love of football is exceptional among Floridians, making them bet heavily on American football.


Another great sport mainly played in Florida and has attracted more fans and betters is baseball. Besides, most parents and guardians in Florida always consider their children participating in a baseball sport. However, most Floridians believe in supporting their favorite game through sports betting, taking a risk for the team to show love.

There are two major baseball teams known state-wise: Tampa Bay Rays and Florida Marlins. When they won the globe championship in the 1997 and 2003 series, the Florida Marlins became the state’s favorite baseball team. The Florida Marlins baseball team is still pushing to bring the third championship home.

Moreover, as a baseball team, Tampa Bay Rays has a tremendous growth rate for its fans. Besides, Tampa Bay Rays have various achievements, giving the Floridians the floor to love baseball. As the local baseball team in Florida flourished in global championships, the Floridians found the urge to support their local teams through watching and betting.


So, if you’re interested in betting on basketball, baseball, or American football, you have a fair share of winning. Moreover, betting is an excellent sign of supporting your local team. But, remember to bet responsibly!

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