The benefits of a cheap SSL

By now, you should know you need an SSL for your website. More than just a security essential bringing encryption to anyone connecting your site, it’s become necessary if you want your site to work on major web browsers. But do you know the benefits of a cheap SSL, specifically?

If not, you’d do well to read on and find out!

1.  All SSL certificates offer the same encryption level

All SSL certificates on the market right now, regardless of price, provide 256-bit encryption. So when a more expensive SSL vendor claims it provides the most “powerful” encryption, just be aware that so too do its more affordable competitors.

2.  What matters most is the issuing CA

All SSL certificates are managed and issued by Certificate Authorities or CAs. All vendors are partnered with a particular CA, but you can also buy directly from the CA itself. What’s important to note is that not all CAs are created equal. So it’s not the price you should be judging an SSL on, but the quality of the issuing CA. Do your research and see what the reviews say. The most important thing is that the CA is trusted by major web browsers. Otherwise, your website may not work for a lot of people

3.  You’ll save a lot of money

Perhaps it’s obvious, but it’s worth saying. Why pay more for something when the cheaper option can be just as good quality-wise? You’ll be able to use the money you save by buying a cheap SSL and invest it elsewhere on your site.

4.  You’ll build customer trust

This is true whatever price you pay for your SSL, but hey, don’t you want to do it while saving money? These days, Internet users and potential customers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to trusting a website. There are certain markers of trust they know to look for, and one of those is the address bar padlock symbol that indicates whether a website has been secured with SSL. Having that padlock symbol on your site will go a long way to making your website visitors feel safe and at ease.


Some things in life are worth paying more for — SSL certificates are not one of them. You can get a high-quality SSL certificate for less without needing to worry, freeing up some of your security budget to invest elsewhere.

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