The best summer song of 2022

This year is also the time! Every summer, music lovers prepare for their annual debate. In this debate, hot trucks dominate this season’s spectacular travel and fun outdoor activities. So far, the top candidates have presented considerable challenges.

From Beyonce’s unmistakable dance anthem “Break My Soul” To LizzoEmpowerment “About damn time” There are already a lot of hits that heat up singles and charts.However, like other new releases Cardi B’s “Hot Sh * t” Cheeky SantanaWith “booty” Burna Boy“Last Last” has an immediate and compelling debate as to why they deserve the crown of the official national anthem this summer.

Is there a song big enough to take the throne? WizKid and Tems “Essence” yet? Judging by all the songs the artist has dropped recently, we are in good hands. First, check out all the solid competition for the 2022 summer songs and get ready to update your playlist!

The best summer song of 2022

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