The biggest new privacy feature in the launch of Phone iOS 15

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Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, called iOS 15, was launched on Monday with new privacy enhancements that can hide consumer web activity and block email tracking by advertisers and others. Other features include a version of FaceTime for the web and the addition of a new “focus” to help users control the flood of daily notifications on their devices. The free update will be available on iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch around 1 pm on Monday.

Here’s how to download and install iOS on your iPhone.

  • Tap Configuration App
  • invite Universal
  • Tap Software update

iPhone and iOS 15

At the core of iOS 15 is a series privacy An update designed to block ad trackers, hide web browsing in Safari, and enhance user privacy by reducing the amount of information that popular apps such as Facebook can collect about user behavior.

  • Email privacy protection: E-commerce, social media sites, and newsletters often embed so-called “tracking pixels” in their marketing messages. This pixel allows the sender to monitor information such as other apps they are using, the amount of time they are reading emails, and other personal information. Email privacy protection blocks these pixels and obscures email behavior.
  • Hide my email: This long-desired feature allows Apple email users to generate new random email addresses for social media and e-commerce sites. If you buy something from a new website[メールを非表示]The feature masks the identity for the sender, but allows you to receive all important messages.
  • iCloud Private Relay: This feature hides unencrypted web traffic to and from Apple’s browser, Safari. Similar to a VPN, this service runs traffic through two Apple relay servers, allowing you to mask identifiable data such as a user’s browser profile, web history, and IP address. This feature is designed to reduce the amount of data that websites and browsers collect about you.

iOS 15 has been visually redesigned with several new sharing and productivity features, including:

  • concentration: Apple knows that iPhone users are routinely buried in notifications. iPhone’s new focus mode groups notifications and sends custom updates in the morning and evening based on your behavior and preferences.
  • FaceTime on the web: During the pandemic, Apple’s video calling app was more popular than ever. It’s included on all iOS devices and is very easy to use. But to date, the service has been limited to iOS devices. This has given apps like Zoom an edge in the work and family messaging market. With a new iOS update, FaceTime is now available on the web for Android and Windows users.
  • SharePlay: iPhone makers are introducing a feature called SharePlay that provides FaceTime video calls to apps such as Apple TV and music.

Mac OS

  • Mac OS MontereyWill be released later this fall and is the hub at the heart of the Apple device ecosystem. The new software makes it easy to share your work with your iPad and streamlines video and audio control with updated AirPlay features.


  • Apple continues to position the iPad as an educational tool and productivity device.This year’s software update is designed to make multitasking easier with features such as: Slide over, You can quickly show and hide the app. And with picture-in-picture updates, you can compose emails, browse the web at the same time, and join Video Hangouts at the same time.


  • WatchOS has been visually redesigned to match the larger screen size of Apple Watch Series 7.The biggest change is Full size keyboard This greatly improves input on small screens.

The biggest new privacy feature in the launch of Phone iOS 15

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