The cast that all of us died is ready for Season 2

The adult zombie drama wasn’t on the 2022 Bingos card, but it’s here. Since its premiere on January 28th, “All of Us Are Dead” has jumped to the top of Netflix and is second. Korean drama after “Squid Game”“To reach number one on the streaming platform. The series set during the zombie apocalypse that began at Hyosan High School is a teenager led by Nam Onjo (Park Ji Hoo) and Lee Chung Sang (Yoon Chanyo). Follow the group-Young), Choi Namura (Cho Yi Hyun), Lee Soo Hyuk (Romon) — Fight to survive, fight bloodthirsty monsters, and protect your friends.

“We had a choreographer for us who transformed into zombies and gave us zombie lessons in advance,” Cho tells POPSUGAR. “we [facial] “Expression, finger movement, neck movement” In the penultimate episode of Season 1, Yun, who transformed the character Chung into a zombie, can take a couple of hours to complete the zombie make-up. He added that there are many. “I think the makeup team was great. They put a lot of effort into it and I’m very happy to see it through,” he says.

Park, Yun, Cho, Romon Also reflected in The sad ending of Season 1 And shared what they want to see if Netflix makes the show a green light Second season.. Check out the “All of Us Are Dead” cast Zombie World Apocalypse Survival Tips to hear more about what happened behind the scenes.

Pop Sugar: What was your favorite memory between takes?

Park Ji Hoo: I remember the rooftop scene. This fake rain was pouring from the trough, and the director smiled at us. I’m really happy that he poured rainwater on all of us. After the scene was over, it was really cold because everyone was wet, so I would like to get together and give a big hug.

Chan-Young Yoon: There’s a scene in the music room — I use this musical stand to hit Suhyuk’s back.Then it broke and the head part [of the stand] A kind of off, it flew to the camera and it protected the camera lens. The camera lens was covered, so I put an end to the scene.

PS: What was the most interesting and difficult scene to shoot?

Romon: There were lots of fun scenes and lots of difficult scenes. If I chose one by one, it was fun to pee in the classroom, so everyone burst into laughter. The hardest part was that every scene where I lost a friend was very emotionally difficult for all of us. Because we were really absorbed in our role and the settings were very real.

park: In my opinion [the music room scene] Especially because of the large walls of chairs and desks, it was difficult for the staff. It will be deleted for each cut, so you will need to build it again. It was hard work because it was hard work, but it was a fun part to get rid of zombies with musical instruments in the room.

PS: What is your number one secret to surviving the IRL Zombie Apocalypse?

Romon: When you have a zombie apocalypse, you have to run a lot. So I recommend people go to the park and go to the gym. Make yourself healthier.
Cho Yi Hyun: I think food and water are always the most important things, so always have water and canned food nearby.
park: One hint is that zombies are very enthusiastic about hearing. Therefore, I think it is necessary to utilize it in order to survive.
Yun: If there are zombies nearby, I can live by eating instant noodles at home, so I think I should go to buy instant noodles at home.Instant noodles are really delicious even without zombies, so it’s good for you [either way]..

PS: What do you think if Netflix’s green light goes into Season 2?

Cho: I’m really happy to have Season 2 and I hope Namura will be stronger and protect her friends.
Yun: Did all the zombies explode?
Cho: If you still have some experience, I think it will be very adventurous to hunt.

The cast that all of us died is ready for Season 2

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