The challenge of providing excellent services while maintaining a social distance

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If you’re eating out this Valentine’s Day, don’t hesitate to think for the people who put your food on the table.

Hospitality is one of the hardest areas during the pandemic, and a new study from the University of South Australia shows that social distance requirements, even after the blockade, are many people who work in the role of service. Is increasing the stress and difficulty faced.

New research published in Journal of Service Theory and PracticeShows that the challenge of adhering to social distance requirements and concerns about the potential consequences of not doing so put a great deal of psychological strain and erosion on many hospitality workers. Rewarding work There is a growing desire to leave the industry.

Dr. Frank Huo, lead author of UniSA’s Center for Workplace Excellence (CWeX), says many. Hospitality worker Balancing “COVID safe” and “excellent service” can be very difficult and can lead to disillusionment and dissatisfaction with their role.

“Work in the service industry is physically close, making it difficult to practice social distance in the workplace, jeopardizing employee work engagement and career-related attitudes,” says Dr. Huo. ..

“Work engagement, which involves taking pride and joy in work and seeing future career prospects in that role, is an important factor in employee well-being, so reducing work engagement can lead to career regret and turnover. It can lead to negative work experience, such as intent. “

Recognizing the importance of social distance measurement to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Huo has a deeper understanding of the impact on service employees and how employers and customers can help reduce it. He states that he needs to be more aware. Impact.

“In order to maintain serviceman engagement and their positive career attitude, managers may strive to reduce the demand for work caused by social distance difficulties,” says Dr. Huo.

“Examples of strategies include limiting the number of patrons, implementing contactless payment and delivery systems, and providing personal protective equipment to employees.

“In addition, encouraging customer collaborative behavior in service delivery helps restaurant workers to help them practice social distance during service.

“Emphasis on the needs and benefits of social distance rules helps to strengthen employee regulatory acceptance, thereby reducing their perceived threat of social distance difficulties.”

Hospitality workers have left the industry due to a pandemic layoff

For more information:
Meng-Long Huo et al, Restaurant Employee Attitude Response to Social Distance Difficulties: Multi-Wave Study, Journal of Service Theory and Practice (2022). DOI: 10.1108 / JSTP-08-2021-0180

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The challenge of providing excellent services while maintaining a social distance

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