The day after the lifeguard was bitten, a shark discovers Jones Beach

Jones Beach, Long Island (WABC)-A shark was found off Jones Beach on Tuesday the day after a possible lifeguard bite, and swimming was banned until further notice.

A shark was seen near Central Mall around 11:00 am, and the state police who responded with the drone were able to find the shark.

New York State Park provides public support to raise awareness about sharks, as well as additional measures to protect Long Island beach fans from potential shark interactions, such as enhanced patrols and surveillance. Is starting.

Drone and helicopter surveillance will take place along the beaches of Long Island State Park, including Jones Beach and Robert Moses State Park.

“Long Island beaches are an important resource for New Yorkers in the summer and we need to make sure people feel safe when visiting,” said State Park Commissioner Eric Cresade. “With the help of New York State Police, we are expanding our efforts to patrol sharks and other potentially dangerous marine animals. Keep all New Yorkers safe while enjoying a day on the beach. It is advisable to understand the procedure for “”.

State parks and state police will take the following steps:
-Strengthen lifeguard staffing
-Increase beach patrols by lifeguards, park police and park staff
-Deploy lifeguards on surfboats and patrol underwater
-Deploy a park police patrol boat to search for water.
-Provides additional drone surveillance of the New York State Police and Jones Beach Lifeguard Corporation swimming waters.
-New York State Police helicopter patrol dispatched to South Shore waters

Jones Beach State Park Lifeguard Reported potential interactions with sharks While in the ocean near Central Mall around 11:00 am on Monday.

Lifeguards reported that a shark may have been bitten by the left calf, which is about an inch long. He said he saw a fin in the water.

On-site EMT provided lifeguards with initial treatment, who were referred to a local hospital for further testing and treatment.

Investigation into the nature of the interaction is underway.

State parks continue to follow the shark alert protocol. Under these guidelines, swimming will be interrupted while the coastline is being inspected by the drone. Swimming is allowed to resume at least 1 hour after the last sighting. All sightings, including today’s incident, will be referred to the Long Island Coastal Recognition Group, which consists of 160 municipalities, agencies and private beach operators extending from Queens to Long Island. The state park created this warning system in 2018 after shark interactions off Fire Island. State park guards are constantly scanning and patrolling water bodies looking for dangerous marine life such as sharks.

To minimize the risk of interacting with sharks, the State Department of Environmental Protection advises on the following shark safety tips:
-Avoid areas with stickers.
-Avoid areas with schools of prey fish that are characterized by fish splashing on the surface of the water, seabirds diving, and marine mammals such as dolphins.
-Avoid places where people are fishing.
-Avoid swimming in the sea at dusk, dawn, or at night.
-Avoid muddy water.
-Avoid quarantine. Swim in groups, paddle, kayak, surf.
-Swim near the shore where your feet may touch the bottom.
-Always follow the instructions of the guards and park staff.
-Stick on all the signs on the beach.

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The day after the lifeguard was bitten, a shark discovers Jones Beach

Source link The day after the lifeguard was bitten, a shark discovers Jones Beach

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