The game denies negative feelings about not being included in the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show

The game was brought to social media with a clear message over the weekend: he doesn’t stumble. His message arrives a week after the Los Angeles Rams won the 2022 Super Bowl at their home stadium.Last week, the game reposted content from other Instagram users who announced it. He should have done During the game halftime show. Since then, he has revealed his feelings, saying that the lack of invitations is okay.

“No one should talk about” The Game “other than” THE GAME “,” he wrote on Instagram. “I haven’t talked to anyone about Jay-Z and the Super Bowl he put together. It can’t be helped if it’s not included. It was a great show featuring iconic artists. It’s a victory for culture. was.”

First comment on the halftime show

Still, last week, the game reposted the content, saying the opposite in terms of performance.

“For your information, [The Game] I should have stood on the Super Bowl stage, so I’ll say that first, “King Trell wrote in his Instagram story.

Given that he was tagged, the game was able (and actually posted) a commentary. He left his own words in post writing, “Sh * tbrazyfr”. However, the game didn’t mention JAY-Z in the original or reposted content last week.

The role of Wack 100 in rumors

In his latest post, The Game addresses rumors that arose from a conversation allegedly made by Wack100 in the app Clubhouse.according to XXLWack 100 is alleged that The Game told listeners about it Exchanged hostile words With Jay-Z.

“That’s why the game didn’t work. [Halftime show]”Wack said. “Because the game said ni ** a. [JAY-Z] To suck his penis like 18 hours ago. “

Wack doubled back to clarify Clubhouse’s comments, denying him saying the above words.

“I haven’t said this. He hasn’t said about the Super Bowl — stop twisting the SH * T – tell us what’s really missing from us with a fake SH * T.” Wack 100 said at the IG. “I worked on a 10 year old song-no one has said a game made with this.”

The last word of the game

Still, the game ensured to let the public know him Control his own story.. He suggested that people shouldn’t be fooled by “the internet, blogs, podcasts, or anyone speaking in my name, not me.” The rapper continued by shifting the focus of his captions to the positiveness of his life.

“Both my life and my new album are great. I’m in a great creative and artistic space,” he wrote in the Instagram caption. “I’m in Miami to help you finish Donda 2 and support my friends in one of the most important times of his life / career.”

He also shared an indirect message to those who decided to talk about him. The game writes, “Exclude me and my name from negative conversations unless you give you a real reason to include me.”

The artist concludes the message by praising JAY-Z and his cultural work.

“Hob continues to break the door to culture and I fully support everyone on the side that helps the city’s greatness,” he writes.

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The game denies negative feelings about not being included in the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show

Source link The game denies negative feelings about not being included in the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show

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