The game seems to suggest that he should have run in the Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl LVI Halftime show It was something to remember. Hip-hop was certainly represented, along with Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Eminem. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 50 people seemed to represent the West Coast, but the game seemed to feel he should have been part of the old label buddies. Sharing some reposts to his Instagram story, he seems to have the same feelings as his fans.

One message states, “FYI @ losangelesconfiedential should have been on stage in the Super Bowl.” “I will say that first,” he continued. The game shared it to his Instagram story and said “S ** tbrazyfr”.

Another story he shared said, “@ losangelesconfidential should have played in the Super Bowl at @DRDRE.” Someone else wrote or said it. “I think Big Brother Jay @losangelesconfidential should have attended the halftime show too.” The message continued, “Oh, wait until DRILLMATIC DROPS.”

A few commentators replied, “It would have been dope to hear hatred and love.” Another person “agrees” with the post. Someone else wrote, “He’s sorry at that level.” Another commentator said, “He never crossed my heart last night.”

As you know, The Game has signed with 50 Cent’s label. G unit It dates back to 2003, but it didn’t finish very well. The game has become a rival of the 50’s within the same label.In an interview with People’s Party i with Talib Kwelin In 2019, the rapper talked about his challenge at 50 Cent.

“If with me [50 Cent] There was no beef, ni ** a, we would now be millionaires, “the game said. “He forgive, but don’t forget him,” the game admits. “I set the G-Unit on fire, but he didn’t like it.” The game also dropped mixtapes and disc tracks targeting 50, Lloyd Banks, Tonya Yayo, and Young Buck. ..

In 2016, the two crushed beef but did not work together on a new project.As you know, 50 and the game Hate it or love it Returned to 2005. The single is from his album, documentaryAnd then went to chart number one on the chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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The game seems to suggest that he should have run in the Super Bowl LVI

Source link The game seems to suggest that he should have run in the Super Bowl LVI

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