The House of St. Matthew giving this Thanksgiving to the family

East Naples

With the help of volunteers, hundreds of families in southwestern Florida have a warm Thanksgiving meal.

Staff and volunteers will start turkey service at noon and continue on Thursdays at 4 pm and until the Campbell Lodge Shelter in East Naples. St. Matthew’s Hosue states that he plans to offer 1,000 Thanksgiving dinners throughout the day.

To some people in Collier County, volunteering at St. Matthew’s house is like a family. And the best way to spend Thanksgiving is to spend time with your family, even if they don’t share your surname.

Cyndi Jean Pierr is a new mom, St. I am a guest of Matthew’s House. “Thanksgiving means gathering around the people you love most and spending a fulfilling time with them,” Pierre said.

Like many in southwestern Florida, Pierre doesn’t always know where his next meal comes from. “I’m praying for that. I hope God opens the door and sends me help through someone else. But for now, I’m grateful for this,” she said. rice field.

Throughout the day, people come to St. Matthew’s house for a hot meal and dating. Camrin Bass is another guest of St, Matthew’s Hosue and is especially grateful to the organization on such days.

“For me, it makes a lot of sense to me that everyone can get together and help each other and not only be grateful, but also spend time with each other,” Bass said.

Heidi Schultz says he has lived in St. Matthew’s house for the time being and is grateful for the opportunities offered there every day. Food as an additional benefit is also appreciated. “NS. Matthew’s house is home to second and third opportunities, grace, compassion, and resources,” Schultz said.

Good people doing great things for others are just Thanksgiving. The House of St. Matthew helps feed thousands of people each week. If you would like to donate or volunteer at St. Matthew’s House, you can do it in the following ways: Link..

The House of St. Matthew giving this Thanksgiving to the family

Source link The House of St. Matthew giving this Thanksgiving to the family

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