The Kapoor Building in Pakistan Through the Lens of Alex Kleyner

Architectural photographer Alex Kleyner continues to garner international attention, this time by capturing The Kapoor Building. A passionate real estate photographer based in Miami, Florida, United States, his lens helps showcase the striking architectural marvel in Peshawar, Pakistan.


Alex Kleyner, a 44-year-old based in Miami, Florida, has emerged as a prominent figure in architectural photography. As the CEO and President of Alex Kleyner Photography & Design, he brings a unique blend of artistic sensibility and technical expertise to his work. His ability to breathe life into structures, capturing what makes each stand out architecturally, has become his signature style.

The Kapoor Building, located in Peshawar, Pakistan, is a unique fusion of architectural influences. It draws from the global trends that shape contemporary architecture. Kleyner’s lens unveils intricacies such as vertical relief, Art Deco motifs, glass curtain walls, open atriums, and rooftop gardens. Through his lens, the Kapoor Building’s distinct personality comes alive.

Alex Kleyner emphasizes that architectural photography is more than just a visual medium. He views it as another form of storytelling.

“Buildings have stories to tell, and my mission is to tell those stories,” Kleyner says. “Each structure, whether it’s in Miami, New York, or Lahore, offers a narrative. I strive to capture that narrative through my photography.”

The Kapoor Building has become a symbol of architectural globalization. Drawing inspiration from the iconic architecture of New York and the modernity of Miami, the structure speaks to Peshawar’s aspirations for the future. Constructed over a century ago, its new life as a museum ensures it will live long within the city.

Alex Kleyner’s work has played an integral role in conveying the building’s unique identity on the global stage. It helps that New York City and Miami are the two locations Kleyner’s most familiar with in previous work.

Thanks to Kleyner’s architectural photography, The Kapoor Building is gaining recognition in Pakistan and internationally. His images have garnered features in architectural publications, art exhibitions, and online platforms dedicated to showcasing the world’s architectural wonders.

Alex Kleyner’s influence extends beyond photography. He is an educator and advocate for the appreciation of architectural relief. He believes architectural photography can inspire others to see the beauty and stories within the surrounding structures. His work is an invitation to explore the world of architecture, appreciate its diversity, and understand its significance in shaping places.

As the CEO and President of Alex Kleyner Photography & Design, Kleyner is a photographer and a visionary who uses his art to bridge cultures and connect people through the universal language of architecture.

“Architectural photography allows us to transcend boundaries and appreciate architecture everywhere, from Miami’s modern skyline to Peshawar’s ambitious buildings. Through my lens, I aim to share the stories of these structures with the world.”

About Alex Kleyner

Alex Kleyner is the CEO and President of his national company, Alex Kleyner Photography & Design. He invites the world to explore, appreciate, and celebrate architectural diversity through his lens. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he frequents New York City for photography work.

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