The long-awaited interview with Megan and Harry finally airs

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It’s finally time for the audience to hear Megan and Harry explain the story behind and the impact of the turbulent division from royal life.

A two-hour special Sunday night broadcast hosted by Oprah Winfrey will peek at the couple’s departure from the royal obligations and the tensions it put on them, first and unprecedented.

How it is received can depend on which side the Atlantic audience is on.

The show, which includes an interview with Winfrey’s Megan and Harry, will first air in the United States (Meghan’s home country) at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time. A few hours ago, Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, gave a royal speech before Commonwealth Day.

UK viewers wake up to headlines and social media posts about Winfree’s specials on Monday, but will not be able to see the full interview until Monday night, which airs on ITV.

Royal interviews that are not tied to a particular topic are rare, and previous television sessions have often proven to be problematic. In a 2019 BBC interview with Prince Andrew, he left the royal duties because he did not sympathize with Epstein’s victims about his relationship with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Harry and Megan’s departure from the royal mission began in March 2020 over what they described as an invasion of the British media and a racist attitude towards the Interracial Duchess.

Clips released before the airing suggest that at least Megan has some pointed criticisms of royal life. Some describe the royal family as a “company.” This nickname is sometimes used affectionately and sometimes critically.

At one point, Winfrey asked Megan how he felt about Buckingham Palace, “I heard you tell your truth today.”

“Even if the company has a positive role to play in perpetuating falsehoods about us, I don’t know how they can expect us to remain silent all this time,” she said. Said. “And if it carries the risk of losing things, that is, there are many things that have already been lost.”

In another clip, Harry recalled the memory of Princess Diana, her late mother, who had to find a way alone after her divorce from Prince Charles.

“I was really relieved to be able to sit here and talk with my wife, because I don’t think my wife was doing this process alone many years ago. Harry said,” I It was incredibly difficult for them, “he added.

In the UK, interviews are seen as badly timed. It will be broadcast while Harry’s 99-year-old grandfather Prince Phillip is hospitalized in London after undergoing heart surgery.

Megan is shown in a clip released on Friday, contrasting the conversations two women could have in 2018 and now prior to their wedding. Megan explained that he couldn’t talk to Winfrey, who was seeking an interview, without a royal mind.

“As an adult who lives a truly independent life and enters this composition, it is different from what people imagine. In a sense, it is really free to have rights and privileges. Yes You can, “Meghan told Winfrey.

It is unclear how the Queen and other members of the royal family will respond to the interview on Sunday. The British Sunday Times, citing anonymous sources, reported that the Queen would not see it.

The palace said it would begin a personnel investigation on Wednesday after a London newspaper reported in 2018 that a former aide had accused Megan of being a staff member of bullying.

A spokesman for the Duchess said, “I am saddened by the recent attacks on her personality, especially as a person targeted for bullying.”

The already released snippet provides details about the interview, including Winfrey talking one-on-one with Megan and a joint session with a couple.

Harry and Megan held hands, sat opposite Winfrey and asked them questions in the lush gardens. The couple live in Montecito, California and are Winfrey’s neighbors.

Megan, who recently announced that he was pregnant with the couple’s second child, wore an embroidered imperial black dress. Harry wore a light gray suit and a white dress shirt, except for his tie.

As Megan Markle, the actor starred in the television legal drama “Suit.” She married Harry at Windsor Castle in May 2018, and her son Archie was born a year later.

Harry and Megan’s departure from the royal family were to be reviewed a year later. On February 19, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the couple would not return to royal duties and Harry would abandon the title of Honorary Army. This was a formal and final decision to split the couple from the royal family.

The long-awaited interview with Megan and Harry finally airs

Source link The long-awaited interview with Megan and Harry finally airs

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