The Mayor and Prime Minister have announced the expansion of New York’s talented and talented programs for kindergarten and third graders.

New York City (WABC)-Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Education Prime Minister David Banks have announced the expansion of the talented and talented program at New York City Public Schools.

The program is aimed at elementary school students and will add 100 kindergarten seats and 1,000 third grade seats, expanding both entry points to all districts.

Through this expansion and update of the enrollment process, the city’s talented and talented programs will serve all communities throughout the city for the first time.

Applications for both programs will begin on May 31st.

“Extending our talented and talented program to all districts of New York City is to give every child a fair chance at every zip code and prevent them from being left behind. “Adams said. “We double this administration’s commitment to the youngest New Yorker by adding additional seats and eliminating inequality in the admission process to give students throughout the city access to accelerated learning. And thanks to this expansion, for the first time, there are talented and talented programs in every school district in this city, which gives all young people the opportunity to grow, learn, and explore their talents and imagination. It’s a way. “

The expansion of primary education talents and talents from 2022 to 2023 occurred after the Ministry of Education met with representative groups and advocacy groups of various parents who were keenly interested in this topic. Based on that feedback, the city devised this new expansion plan.

“Today we move to end the era of shortage-an era of fighting families between them for the limited talented seats of distant schools,” Banks said. “Through this expansion, we are providing more families with opportunities for accelerated learning, while at the same time providing a fair and equitable process for identifying students who excel in accelerated learning.”

The city said it is focusing on three areas.

1) Expansion of the number of seats
2) Creating a fair screening process
3) Providing extended 3rd grade entry points for all districts

“Expanding access to the city’s talents and talented programs has long been postponed,” said Michael Mulgrew, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “By providing seats in all districts and expanding the options for third graders, more students will be able to thrive. Working with Mayor Adams and the Prime Minister of the Bank, a talented program for children. I’m looking forward to creating. “

Historically, kindergarten was the first entrance to a talented program in New York City.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, approximately 100 new kindergarten seats will be added to the Gifted and Talented portfolio and the program will be expanded to all 32 districts with a total seating capacity of 2,500.

To fill these seats, all current Pre-Kindergarten students will be evaluated by current teachers for potential nominations.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten eliminates the initial burden on the family and creates access to more children with more diverse eligibility pools.

The first universal screening in the 2021-202 academic year has created a more diverse pool of students receiving invitations to apply for talented programs.

Students enrolled in non-DOE programs and students not yet enrolled in school will participate in interviews with DOE staff to confirm their eligibility.

Family members of qualified and nominated children will receive a qualification that encourages them to apply before the application opens.

For the first time in all New York City districts, a third grade Gifted and Talented entry point will be added. This will be the baseline for one program in all districts, for a total of 1,000 seats.

Studies of child development have shown that identifying talented behaviors in later grades may allow a more accurate assessment of talented abilities.

Determined by grades in four major subject areas, the top 10% of second-year students at each school are invited to apply for the Gifted and Talented program in third-year students.

Using grades in four major subject areas ensures that DOE uses multiple criteria to determine program eligibility.

By pinning the screen at the school level, the district program will be representative of the district’s population.

Family members are considered for placement in all application choices, and offers are based on district and sibling priorities, as well as availability.

Grade 3 programs then grow to Grades 4 and 5.

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The Mayor and Prime Minister have announced the expansion of New York’s talented and talented programs for kindergarten and third graders.

Source link The Mayor and Prime Minister have announced the expansion of New York’s talented and talented programs for kindergarten and third graders.

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