The most unwanted plants in the world help trees bear more fruit

Kleiman in the field preparing to count mangoes.Credits: Florida International University

Keeping the sparks alive is difficult in any relationship. It is especially difficult for fruit trees to try to attract pollen maters.

Blaire Kleiman, a graduate teaching assistant and graduate of the FIU Institute for Environmental Studies, has found an unexpected source of information that keeps this relationship fruitful.


These often unwanted, wild-growing plants may not be particularly attractive to humans, but they do magic. Important pollen maters favorite Bees And butterflies.In fact, the existence of weeds is with trees Pollen mater— And also means one of the most popular fruits in South Florida.

“Weeds actually do a lot,” Kleiman said. “It might be helpful to think of wildflowers rather than having to get rid of these scary and ugly things. If you don’t hurt the tree, you should leave it alone.”

I call them poor Fruit tree You can’t live without a pollen mater. Bees and other insects have been shown to improve yield size and quality from 70% of the world’s major economically important crops, including mango.

However, it is becoming more and more difficult to take bees to the tree. Over the last 30 years, the number of hay fever has decreased significantly. This could mean a world with much less mango (a world no one wants to imagine).

when fruits Trees and pollen maters come together, but the game of charm is actually just beginning. Trees need to maintain the interest of pollen maters, so pollen maters get stuck and do not fly away to find another tree elsewhere.

Farmers sometimes rely on insects and plants. As the name implies, these particular plants attract pollen maters and encourage them to stay on the farm. With hundreds of flowering weeds, Clayman wanted to see if weeds could play a similar role.

Under the guidance of FIU Professors Susanne Koptur and Krishnaswamy Jaya Chandran, Clyman compared mango trees on a local farm in Homestead, Florida. Weeds were growing around the trees in a section. Other plots are maintained, weed-freedom.

Pollen maters preferred trees with weeds. In turn, the tree benefited and produced more mangoes. In fact, weedless trees had 38 to 48 mangoes, while weeded trees had 100 to 236 mangoes.

Kleiman has a survey result mango Not only for trees, but for about 80 percent of all flowering plants on earth, including fruits wood All flowering vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, eggplants and pumpkins. She also hopes that this information will help farmers save time and money and reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

The study was recently published insect..

New research argues that planting more hedges and trees can hold the key to helping British bees thrive again.

For more information:
Blaire M. Kleiman et al, Weeds Increase the Diversity and Fruit Yield of Pollen Mating in Mango, insect (2021). DOI: 10.3390 / insects12121114

Quote: The most unwanted plants in the world help trees produce more fruits (February 10, 2022).

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The most unwanted plants in the world help trees bear more fruit

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