The net knows that non-Big 3 players need to be involved in Game 4 attacks.

Boston — On the surface, it’s impressive that Nets scored 96 points from Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden’s Big Three in Game 3 of the first round playoff series with the Celtics. However, they only scored 23 points from the rest of the support cast, cutting the series with a 125-119 defeat and entering Game 4 2-1 at TD Garden on Sunday night.

Harden added 41 points and Durant added 39 points, offsetting the Celtics star Jayson Tatum’s 50-point performance with just two. But, like Harden and Durant, they didn’t get enough help. In a sense, the Nets did exactly what the Celtics wanted, and instead of involving everyone in the attack like the big win in Game 2, they repeatedly played isolated against the stars.

“I thought most of it was a little stagnant,” said Steve Nash, director of Nets. “We’re away from the move. James scored alone and Kevin scored alone, but if you move the ball and become isolated as a second resort, you’ll generally find it harder to guard. I have to learn from now on, then take something. “

Game 3 was the 11th game for the Big 3 this season. So it’s clear that the easiest thing they do at this point is to rely on their one-to-one scoring ability. After all, they are three of the NBA’s best isolated players. However, the net shows that it is more effective to open the floor and move the ball until you find an open shooter.

That’s what happened in Game 2. Joe Harris made seven 3-pointers, earning 25 points and providing a big lift for the Big 3. However, he showed a 3 to 9 shooting performance in Game 3 with a total of only 8 points.

Asked if the Celtics adjusted the net to force an isolated attack, Harris said, “No, I don’t think the Celtics did anything defensively. We put them in. There’s a playmaker that’s as good as you want. I’m in the situation of facilitating and creating with the ball in my hand, but I want to make it easy with the Celtics and tough with the Celtics. It means you’ve followed some actions, which isn’t just right for it. “

Harris said, “I’m not saying the attack wasn’t good because the attack was still pretty efficient. But I also want to move to the defensive end. It felt like Game 2 because of the aggressive way of playing. — Continuity, spreading them, moving the ball — it also had a direct impact on the defenses we were actually engaged in. ”

Indeed, Nets had a much better defense in Game 2 than when he abandoned 125 points in Game 3. The Celtics had to remove the ball from the basket frequently and couldn’t get up, so the efficiency of the attack helped defend. You can easily go down during the migration.

Therefore, the message to Nash’s team between games was to focus on finding the movement of the ball and the open shooter.

“We talked to everyone about the movement of the ball and tried to reach our actions more often,” Nash said. “They are good at isolation, so they can succeed in isolation, but it can be difficult to understand how it limits the big picture. We find the balance. Need. We’re going to be isolated, but you can get to work on our actions more often, which is definitely what we talked about. “

The net knows that non-Big 3 players need to be involved in Game 4 attacks.

Source link The net knows that non-Big 3 players need to be involved in Game 4 attacks.

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