The Netherlands states that flights from South Africa are 61 COVID positive

Before 3D printing of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, 3D printing of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Peplomers (foreground) allow viruses to invade and infect human cells. In the virus model, the surface of the virus (blue) is covered with a spike protein (red), which allows the virus to invade and infect human cells. Credit: NIH

Dutch health officials said Saturday that 61 passengers on two KLM flights from South Africa tested positive for COVID-19 and the results are being tested for a new variant of Omicron.

The positive case was currently isolated at a hotel near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There, 600 planes from Johannesburg were waiting for hours on Friday.

“We found that 61 of the results were positive and 531 were negative,” the Dutch Health Department (GGD) said in a statement.

“Positive test results are tested as soon as possible to determine if this is related to a new mutant of interest named the Omicron variant.”

EU health officials say the new strain will bring “high risk to very high risk” to the continent.

According to the GGD, all passengers who test positive should stay in the hotel quarantine for 7 days if they have symptoms and 5 days if they have no symptoms.

Passengers who failed the test but remain in the Netherlands are expected to be quarantined at home.

“I understand that people are dissatisfied with this,” the statement said. “People have just made a long journey with the idea of ​​going home soon.”

“We are facing a situation we have never experienced in the Netherlands, not just after landing, which means people have to be tested in Schiphol and wait for results.”

It said that those who do not live in the Netherlands can “continue their journey”.

Dutch state airline KLM said it will continue to operate flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town “in compliance with stricter protocols”.

This meant that all passengers were banned from entering the country except Dutch and EU residents who had to show a negative PCR test and self-quarantine upon arrival.

“KLM takes this situation very seriously and continues to prioritize passenger and crew safety,” the airline said in a statement. “Therefore, it imposes strict in-flight safety requirements on passengers and crew.” Said.

According to the Schiphol Airport website, KLM flights from Johannesburg were scheduled to land around 1100 GMT.

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The Netherlands states that flights from South Africa are 61 COVID positive

Source link The Netherlands states that flights from South Africa are 61 COVID positive

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