The newly identified sharp-clawed dinosaur seed was as large as a school bus

Portellsaurus sosbaynati. Credits: Santos-Cubedo et al, 2021, PLOS ONE (CC-BY 4.0, / licenses / by / 4.0 /)

A team of researchers from the University of Jaume (University of Valencia) and Group Gix (Villarreal) have identified a new species of sharp-clawed dinosaur excavated somewhere in Catalonia. They write a treatise explaining their findings and are available on the open access site PLOS One.

Dinosaurs were first discovered in 1998 in what was known as the prehistoric cemetery in Portel, Catalonia, but have recently been thoroughly studied.

The dinosaur, about 8 meters long, is classified as a member of the genus styracosternan ornithopod and is named Portellsaurus sosbaynati. He was also a member of the type of iguanodon known as styracosternans, who is believed to have lived in what is now Spain. It dates back about 130 million years.

The fossil identified was the jawbone.Researchers say that New species This is due to the two autopomorphic features and what they describe as a combination of features. Two of them were deep cavities not found in other genera, with no bulges along part of the bone.

Dinosaurs were explained to have more than one Sharp nails, Some stand up from the “thumb”, others stand up from the “fingertip”. Researchers say they will help repel predators and slice open fruits. However, the dinosaurs ate only plants and would not have been used to kill their prey. Researchers say that dinosaurs also have very large nostrils, which indicates that dinosaurs may have a very sharp sense of smell and are likely to be beneficial for foraging. .. It also had a very large tail, and it would have been carried upright to maintain balance. While standing, researchers estimate that it was just over 3 meters high and weighed at least 3,600 kilograms.

Researchers say Portellsaurus sosbaynati would have had a relationship with others dinosaur It has been identified as living in present-day Niger and China. They suggest that this finding sheds new light on the evolution of ornithopoda.

The first Rebbachisaurida dinosaurs remain discovered in Asia

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Andrés Santos-Cubedoetal, New styracosternan Hadrosauridae (dinosaurs: ornithischianea) from the Early Cretaceous of Portel, Spain, PLOS ONE (2021). DOI: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0253599

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The newly identified sharp-clawed dinosaur seed was as large as a school bus

Source link The newly identified sharp-clawed dinosaur seed was as large as a school bus

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