The police chief blames the former police officer.Doctors talk about Floyd’s cause of death – NBC4 Washington

Minneapolis Police Department chief, who called George Floyd’s death a “murder,” testified that when Derek Chauvin fixed Floyd’s neck under his knee for more than nine minutes, he clearly violated department policy.

The fact that Floyd is handcuffed behind his back and continues to kneel after lying on his stomach is a “never shape or shape” part of the department’s policies and training, “it is certainly our ethics and It’s not part of the values. ” Police chief Medaria Arradondo said on Monday, the sixth day of Chauvin’s murder trial.

The city’s first black chief, Aradondo, fired Chauvin and three other police officers the day after Floyd’s death in May last year, calling it a “murder” in June.

Police have long been accused of closing the ranks to protect a group of troops charged with fraud, the “blue wall of silence,” but some of the most experienced Minneapolis police officers. Takes the position of openly blaming Chauvin. Treatment of floyd.

Dr. Brandford Langenfeld, a doctor in the emergency department who sentenced George Floyd to death, said Monday that “oxygen deficiency,” commonly referred to as choking, was likely the cause of death. This disagrees with the defense’s claim that Floyd’s death was caused by a heart attack associated with substance use, in contrast to Derek Chauvin’s use of force.

When the jury was looking at the enthusiastic attention and scribbled notes, Aradondo said that 19-year military veteran Chauvin should not only have Floyd rise faster, but also pressure on Floyd’s neck. Testified that he was not mild to moderate. Called under the department’s head restraint policy; Chauvin did not meet his obligation to provide first aid before the ambulance arrived. And he violated the policy of requiring police to escalate a tense situation with little or no force, if possible.

“That action is not escalation, and when we talk about the framework of the dignity of life, our principles and the values ​​we have, that action goes against what we are. Talk about. “

Aradondo’s testimony came after a doctor in the emergency room who declared Floyd’s death theorized that Floyd’s heart was most likely stopped due to lack of oxygen.

That night, Dr. Bradford Langenfeld, a senior resident working at the Hennepin County Medical Center and trying to resuscitate Floyd, said the prosecutor killed him at Shobin’s knee on the neck of a black man. I stood up when I tried to prove that.

Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman testified on Friday that Chauvin’s kneeling on George Floyd’s neck was “totally unnecessary” during the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.

Langenfeld said Floyd’s heart had stopped by the time he arrived at the hospital. Doctors were not informed of the efforts of bystanders and police to resuscitate Floyd on the scene, but rescue workers said they had tried it for about 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes.

Langenfeld, in response to a question from the prosecutor, said that based on the information he had, Floyd’s cardiac arrest (heart arrest) could have been caused by choking or inadequate oxygen. Higher than sex. “

Chauvin, 45, was charged with murder and manslaughter at Floyd’s death on May 25. A white police officer has been accused of pushing his knees into the neck of a 46-year-old man for 9 minutes and 29 seconds outside the corner market where Floyd was. He was arrested on suspicion of trying to pass a fake $ 20 invoice for a pack of cigarettes.

Police treatment of Floyd was captured in a video of a widespread bystander who triggered protests and, in some cases, violence throughout the United States.

The defense alleged that Chauvin had been trained, and that Floyd’s illegal drug use and his underlying health caused his death.

Chauvin’s lawyer, Nelson, asked Langenfeld if some drugs could cause hypoxia or inadequate oxygen. Doctors acknowledged that both fentanyl and methamphetamine were found in Floyd’s body but could.

The county Inspector General eventually classified Floyd’s death as a murder, a death caused by someone else.

According to the report, Floyd died because of “complexing cardiopulmonary arrest, double detention by law enforcement, detention, and neck compression.” The summary report lists fentanyl poisoning and recent methamphetamine use under “other important conditions” but not under “Cause of Death”.

While watching a video of George Floyd’s murder, Charles McMillian, 61, broke down at a witness stand. McMillian says he pulled the car to see what was happening, and he could see police talking to Floyd while he was trying to put him in a police car.

Prosecutor Steve Schleicher said that some people are more dangerous due to the effects of drugs and alcohol, while others are actually “more vulnerable.” Aradondo agreed and acknowledged that this must be taken into account when police decide to use force.

Before he was fixed on the ground, Desperate Floyd wrestled with police trying to put him in a police car saying he was claustrophobic.

According to Aradondo, police officers are trained in basic first aid, including chest compressions, and departmental policy is to request medical assistance and provide the necessary assistance as soon as possible before emergency personnel arrive. Is obligatory.

“We absolutely have a duty to render it,” he said.

Courtney Ross shared details about the moment he met George Floyd while he was working as a security guard. “And this kind of person comes and tells you that you want to pray for you … it was very sweet,” Ross said.

According to testimony and video footage, the police continued to detain Chauvin, with Chauvin kneeling on his neck, another kneeling on Floyd’s back, and a third holding his foot.

Police also declined offers of help from off-duty Minneapolis firefighters who wanted to manage aid and teach them how to do it.

Langenfeld testified that in people with cardiac arrest, there is a reduction in survival of about 10% to 15% per minute without CPR.

Regarding the interrogation, Nelson said the department’s policy instructed officers to do reasonable things in certain situations. He asked if the officer needed to take into account the behavior of the crowd, and Aradondo agreed. Nelson suggested that spectators, many of whom were screaming at Chauvin, may have influenced the police’s reaction.

At the Monday trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin against the death of George Floyd, prosecutors were the first witnesses to see arrests taking place on livefeed police cameras 911 Dispatcher Jena Lee・ It was called Scully.

Nelson also questioned whether Chauvin’s knees were on Floyd’s neck and agreed that Aradondo appeared to be showing Chauvin’s knees on Floyd’s shoulder blades, footage from a policeman’s body camera. And played a few seconds of bystander videos side by side.

However, the prosecutor soon noticed to Aradondo that the clip played by Nelson was drawn seconds before Floyd was transferred to the stretcher.

Katie Blackwell, assistant police officer at the Minneapolis Police Department and commander of the training department at the time of Floyd’s death, also stood up on Monday.

She has been known for about 20 years, and Shovin is trained annually in defensive tactics and the use of force, so that she uses one or two arms instead of knees to restrain her neck. He said he was trained.

George Floyd’s family and civil rights leaders said Monday morning before former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was brought to justice. Chauvin has been accused of two, three, and manslaughter charges for Floyd’s death.

“I don’t know what improvisational position it is,” she said after being shown a photo of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

She also said Chauvin is a field training officer and can receive additional training to find out what future officers are learning at the academy.

The city moved shortly after Floyd’s death to ban police strangler figs and neck detention. Mayors Aradondo and Jacob Frey also made several policy changes, including increased reports of the use of force and attempts to exacerbate the situation.

Webber reported from Fenton, Michigan.

The police chief blames the former police officer.Doctors talk about Floyd’s cause of death – NBC4 Washington

Source link The police chief blames the former police officer.Doctors talk about Floyd’s cause of death – NBC4 Washington

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