The program will allow certain teens to become truck drivers in the shortage


The shortage of truck drivers in the United States has contributed to global supply chain problems during the pandemic. Currently, to address the shortfall, authorities are considering allowing teenagers to become truck drivers.

The pilot program, first proposed by the Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2020, will allow drivers aged 18 to 20 to drive commercial vehicles in interstate trade after the trial period is over. .. However, you may not drive passengers, dangerous goods, or specially configured vehicles.

Currently, most states allow people over the age of 18 to be truck drivers, but they cannot drive between states until they are 21.

The program was not implemented when it was first proposed, but the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act enacted by President Biden in November allows employers to establish a pilot program for specific driver apprenticeships. Need to be established. 18 and 21 years old.

According to FMCSA Deputy Administrator Meera Joshi, the program must first be approved by the Office of Management and Budget before opening an application for a truck driver position on the Office of Management and Budget website. The general public can comment on the proposal while seeking approval for the three-year program.

Several agencies, including the industry’s largest national trade association, the American Trucking Associations and the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, have endorsed the FMCSA’s proposal, but faced opposition.

Highway and car safety advocates, reliable and safe highway citizens, and other safety organizations have pointed out that young drivers are distracting and have high collision rates. They also quoted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It says teenagers can’t analyze dangerous situations correctly.

No more than 3,000 apprentices participate in the Safe Driver Apprentice Pilot Program at a time, and the FMCSA must meet other criteria for the program and apprenticeship.

US Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg told CBS News Errol Barnett on Friday that keeping trucks on the road was a top priority, including hiring new drivers.

The Ministry of Transport announced Thursday that the state will provide more than $ 32 million to improve the commercial driver’s license process. More than 100 companies are working to expand their truck apprenticeship programs and create a task force to investigate predatory truck leasing.

Approximately 72% of the goods shipped in the United States are carried by truckers, and the United States needs an additional 80,000 truckers.

In December, the Biden administration also announced plans to strengthen the truck industry and hire more drivers.

“Old infrastructure, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the historic quantity of commodities that move our economy are squeezing the capacity of the entire supply chain, including trucking,” the administration said. Exacerbated long-standing labor challenges in the truck industry. “

Part of the plan is to “identify effective and safe strategies for attracting new entrants to the field from underrated communities, including women aged 18-20 and young drivers.” It contains.

Some state legislators are working to recruit more drivers in the event of a supply chain crisis and a shortage of school bus drivers. According to CBS New York, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced this week a new plan to allow qualified third parties to offer field tests for driving tests. This creates more test locations and expands the capacity of existing state-owned sites, reducing the time it takes to license more qualified drivers.

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The program will allow certain teens to become truck drivers in the shortage

Source link The program will allow certain teens to become truck drivers in the shortage

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