The report concludes that the cost of COVID-19 scams is likely to rise significantly.

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According to Cardiff University scholars, the number of consumer scams and scams targeting pandemic government-sponsored programs is underreported.

A report co-authored by Professor Michael Levi, commissioned by the Australian Institute of Criminology, which is part of the Australian Government, is a future pandemic. Economic crisis Provisions should be included to improve fraud monitoring and control.

Professor Levi, based in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, said: “Our report identified several new types of crimes and methodologies that occurred during COVID-19. Pandemic.. Social media and online activities have played a major role in these.Outside the scam on government Loans and social security schemes that are clearly associated with pandemics are rapidly developing a number of COVID-19 scams that have occurred as additional crimes, or tactics and “stories” for scammers to primarily target victims. It is not yet clear if it has been adapted.

“The exact range of frauds arising from the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic is unknown for some time, but in fact, the proportion of this fraud is not identified or quantified by government risk willingness and tolerance. May be financial and Social change What has happened is very likely to result in fraud and procurement illicit activity. “

This report provides a set of recommendations for governments and organizations wishing to combat fraud. These include the need for ongoing reviews of fraud control and surveillance systems nationwide, and the development of improved technologies before the pandemic takes root.

Professor Levi said: “In the first nine months of the current pandemic, relatively few scams were identified. Losses from identified government stimulus scams, consumer scams, and payment scams accounted for millions instead of billions. There is.

“Undoubtedly, many individuals and businesses may not have experienced the full economic impact of COVID-19 in 2020 because they have been backed by personal savings and government support programs. The full impact of the pandemic. To feel, and Loan repayment When the deadline is reached, the cost of fraud can increase significantly. It also raises awareness of PPE abuse and other procurement scandals. These scandals may have prevented fraud and allegations of conflicts of interest in a faster and more transparent way. It can take several years for a management scam to occur. “

“Government needs to learn and document its nature and scope. scam This has happened since the pandemic began, so you can avoid similar risks in the future. But they will only be avoided if there is a political will to do so. ”

Economic crimes have not been investigated as police are hiding behind a veil of action fraud

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Michael Levi et al, Relationship between fraud and its pandemic and financial crisis: from the Spanish flu to COVID-19, Australian Institute of Criminology. (2021). DOI: 10.52922 / rr78115

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Quote: The cost of COVID-19 scams can rise significantly, report obtained July 14, 2021 from We conclude that we did (July 14, 2021).

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The report concludes that the cost of COVID-19 scams is likely to rise significantly.

Source link The report concludes that the cost of COVID-19 scams is likely to rise significantly.

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