The site yanks videos faster, but not so much

New York (AP)

Social platforms have learned to remove violent videos of radical shootings more quickly in the last few years. It’s not clear if they are moving fast enough.

According to police, when a white gunman killed 10 people and injured 3 in a “racially motivated violent radicalist” shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, he Live streamed the attack to Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch. It didn’t stay there for a long time. A Twitch spokeswoman said he deleted the video within two minutes.

This is much faster than the 17 minutes Facebook needs to remove a similar video streamed by a self-proclaimed white supremacist who killed 51 people at two New Zealand mosques in 2019. They did not always disappear immediately.

In April, Twitter enacted a new policy on “perpetrators of violent attacks,” with accounts maintained by “individual perpetrators of terrorists, violent extremism, or large-scale violent attacks.” Deleted tweets and other material created by the perpetrators of such attacks. But on Sunday, video clips were still circulating on the platform.

A clip aimed at displaying the first-person view of a shooter firing in a supermarket at 8:12 am Pacific time was posted on Twitter and was still visible after more than 4 hours. ..

Twitter said on Sunday that it was working to remove material related to shootings that violated the rule. But the company added that sharing videos and other material from shooters may not be a violation of the rules if people share the media to blame it or provide context. In such cases, Twitter states that it covers the images and videos with the cover of “Confidential Material” that the user must click to view.

At a post-attack press conference by the Governor of New York, Kathy Hockle said social media companies need to pay more attention to monitoring what’s happening on their platforms, with livestreams “within a second.” He said he felt unforgivable that he was not stopped.

“The CEOs of these companies must be held accountable and must ensure that we are all taking all humanly possible steps to monitor this information,” Hochul said “this week” at ABC. Said on Sunday. “How these corrupt ideas are fermenting on social media-now spreading like a virus.”

Hochul said he has a company responsible for “inciting” the views of racists. “People share these ideas. They share videos of other attacks. And they are all imitations. They all want to be the next big white hope to inspire the next attack. I think, “she told NBC’s” Meet the Press. “

Law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that investigators are investigating online shooter racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Semitic beliefs.America

Police have shot 11 black and two white victims in a Buffalo supermarket after a suspect identified as Peyton Gendron in Conklin, New York, was swept away on Twitch in October 2019. He said he had repeated deadly attacks.

Twitch is popular among video game players and has played an important role in promoting esports. A spokesman for one company said the company had a “zero tolerance policy” against violence. So far, the company hasn’t disclosed details about user pages or live streams (such as the number of viewers). A spokeswoman said the company has taken its account offline and is watching other people who may rebroadcast the video.

In Europe, European Union officials overseeing block digital issues in 27 countries said on Sunday that livestreaming on Twitch will allow administrators to quickly stop broadcasting future killings on an online platform. Said that it showed that it was necessary to continue.

But Marguerite Vestager, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission, also said that eradicating such broadcasts would be a difficult challenge.

“It’s really hard to make sure it’s completely waterproof, that this never happens, and that it’s closed the moment people start doing that. Of course, it’s 100% legal. There’s a lot of livestreaming, “she said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“The platform has done a lot to get to the root of this. They aren’t there yet,” she added. “But they keep working and we keep working.”

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, immediately designated the shooting as a “terrorist attack” on Saturday on Sunday, with the suspect’s account, a copy of his text, and a video of his attack.

The company removed the video shot from the platform and added that the still-shared instances are via a link to a streaming site. These links are blocked and “black holed” by the company. That is, you cannot upload it again.

However, the new links created when people upload copies to external sites should be blocked individually in cat and mouse games. Unless the company chooses to block the entire streaming site from the platform.

Jaredholt, Resident Fellow of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab, said moderation of live content remains a major challenge for businesses. He said Twitch’s response time was good and the company was wise to monitor the platform for potential re-uploads.

“It would be nice to be aware of this content on other video hosting platforms to the extent that it may have been recorded, and it may be republished on our products,” Holt said. Mr. says.

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AP Technology Reporter Barbara Ortutay contributed to this story from Oakland, California. Associated Press reporter Jon Lester contributed from Paris.

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The site yanks videos faster, but not so much

Source link The site yanks videos faster, but not so much

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