The stench near Iona’s Sanibel outlet is causing concern


The stench in public places has raised concerns from many community members in the Iona area of ​​Lee County, especially near the Sanibel outlets.

Everyone we talked to on Wednesday wanted the scent to follow their home by sticking to their clothes.

“A dead plant. A dead animal,” said Mary Fegele.

“It’s like a bathroom,” said Gonzalo Karanza.

“It rots absolute trash,” said Kaylee Hansen-Haggard.

Part of the responsibility lies with the red tide.

“In Peru, the sewer system is bad in some areas, which smells exactly like you’re always here,” Calanza said.

“Today I work at Bath & Body Works so I was able to sniff it in a crazy store,” Hansen-Hagad said. “And you shouldn’t be able to smell rotten meat in Bath & Body Works.”

Hansen Hagard says that the longer the sun, the stronger the odor. She rushed out of the store and escaped the smell she said was left in the area for about a week.

“When you get in there, all the scent hits your face,” Hansen Hagard said. “But now you hit your face on the way.”

Lie group says it may be due to the decay of biomass from saltwater flats, but some of the people we talked to said it was almost always funky in this part of the town.

“This is about sewers,” Caranza said. “I’m sure something is going wrong here.”

“We live with it,” Faegere said.

The ultimate cause of the odor remains unidentified. Anyway, people want the problem to be fixed soon.

“Oh, that only makes you sick in your stomach,” Faegere said. “It’s rotten. Yeah. This is bad.”

The stench near Iona’s Sanibel outlet is causing concern

Source link The stench near Iona’s Sanibel outlet is causing concern

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