The story of Minka Kelly playing Samantha in Euphoria

Viewers finally gained more insight into Samantha (Minka Kelly) And the back story of her latest episodeEuphoria.. Throughout the second season, Maddy (Alexa DemieI’ve been babysittering Samantha’s son, but we didn’t know much about her — she’s rich and Great closet – until now.

In Season 2, Episode 6, “The Thousand Little Blood Trees,” Samantha acts as a kind of mentor for Maddy, while Maddy opens her door to her problems with Nate.Jacob Elordi) And Cassie (Sydney Sweeney).While talking to Vanity Fair, Kelly said the scene is a relevant moment for her because she “deeply equates” with Maddy. “I had a little attitude,” Kelly told the publication. “I did that makeup in high school. I was also in my share Toxic relationship.. “

Kelly also explained that Samantha is considered to be Maddy’s “older and smarter version.” “I love the idea of ​​avoiding the misconception that you need to live a perfect life in order to have a healthy and functional relationship as an adult,” Kelly explained. “You are not defined by your teens in high school. This is the time you are supposed to be confused. This is all just a period of discovery.”

Kelly originally said “Euphoria“But creator Sam Levinson has postponed her role after seeing a match with Demy. In addition to adding scenes, Levinson rewrites the script on the fly. “But I’m really relieved to trust the director who isn’t afraid to change his mind,” Kelly told the publication. We are all here to promote his vision. ”

When 2 episodes left In Season 2, it’s only time to see what else Levinson has prepared for us.

The story of Minka Kelly playing Samantha in Euphoria

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