The study examines the effect of COVID-19 on human kidney cells

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Researchers have been studying human kidney cells in the laboratory to investigate the effects of COVID-19 on kidney health. The survey results will be published in the next issue. JASN..

Many individuals who develop COVID-19 also experience it. kidney However, it is unclear whether this is the direct result of a viral infection, the result of another condition, or the body’s reaction to the infection. A team led by Benjamin Dekel, MD, Ph.D. to investigate. (Israel Sheba Medical Center) Cultivation Human kidney cells Place them in laboratory dishes and infect them with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Researchers have discovered that the virus responsible for COVID-19 can enter the kidneys of adult humans, infect and replicate. cell, This usually did not lead to cell death. Prior to infection, cells contained high levels of interferon signaling molecules. Inflammatory reaction Increased these molecules. In contrast, infection of kidney cells lacking such molecules results in cell death, suggesting a protective effect.

The cells used in these experiments were grown as a three-dimensional spheroid that mimicked a healthy kidney or as a two-dimensional layer that mimicked the cells of an acutely injured kidney. Cells that mimic the acutely injured kidney were more susceptible to infections and additional damage, but they were not. Cell death..

“Data show that the virus is unlikely to be the leading cause of acute kidney injury seen in COVID-19 patients. This means that if such injury occurs in the kidneys for any reason, the virus Therefore, if we can limit the general scenario of acute kidney injury in the first place, it may minimize the potential damage caused by the virus. There may be, “Dr. Decel explained.

Immune response after COVID-19 vaccination in kidney transplant and dialysis patients

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“Human renal spheroids and monolayers provide insight into the renal interaction of SARS-CoV-2.” JASN, DOI: 10.1681 / ASN.2020111546

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The study examines the effect of COVID-19 on human kidney cells

Source link The study examines the effect of COVID-19 on human kidney cells

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