The surge in COVID is pushing much of Idaho towards medical distribution

This Tuesday, August 31, 2021, File Photo Anendal RN will accompany a COVID-19 patient in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at the St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center in Boise, Idaho. Public health officials in Idaho say critical care standards are “imminent” for the state’s most populous areas as hospitals in the Boise area continue to be flooded with unvaccinated coronavirus patients. .. Hospitals in the northern half of the state were granted permission last week to begin ration-based care. Credits: AP Photo / Kyle Green, File

Public health officials in Idaho say hospitals continue to be flooded with unvaccinated coronavirus patients, imminent critical standard treatment in the state’s most populous areas.

Southwestern and Southern Idaho regions, including Boise and Twin Falls, may obtain formal permission to begin rations Health careDave Jepsen, director of the Idaho Department of Health, said Tuesday that he had taken steps aimed at giving patients most likely to survive access to scarce resources such as beds in the intensive care unit.

“We continue to set new records every week,” said Jeppesen about hospitalization for the coronavirus. “I can’t see the peak.”

Hospitals in the northern half of the state began distribution care last week when Coutenay Health in Coderlane was forced to begin treatment of some patients at a field hospital set up in a conference center instead of a regular room. I was given permission to do so.

Regarding the coronavirus, “almost all the indicators we track are heading in the wrong direction,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Turner.

On September 11, more than 600 patients were admitted to the state with COVID-19. This goes far beyond last winter’s peak of 466 hospitalizations. Coronavirus patients using intensive care units and ventilators have also reached record highs in the state. The majority of them (more than 91%) are not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The highly contagious delta mutant is more ill than the original mutant and sometimes kills younger patients, Turner said. In 2020 as a whole, more than half of COVID-19 deaths were inhabitants of Idaho over the age of 80, according to the ministry’s numbers. More than half of the deaths this year were between the ages of 50 and 79, with just over 7% of the deaths being younger Idaho residents.

However, weekly immunization rates are declining, despite the state continuing to see new records in the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 and those who have used ventilators. About 40,000 Vaccine dose According to Idaho Ministry of Health figures, it was given in the week of September 5, compared to 57,000 and 67,000 in the previous two weeks, respectively.

Still, many of Idaho’s most powerful officials are reluctant to support mask obligations and employment-based vaccine requirements. Idaho Governor Brad Little has never issued a state-wide Maskman Date. Last week, he worked with Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to prevent President Joe Biden from requiring large employers to be vaccinated with COVID-19 and to have regular COVID-19 tests. Announced that it has confirmed whether the court system can be used to do so.

Meanwhile, a state like the governor health Officials — Continues to urge residents to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Such prompts have had little effect so far. Idaho remains one of the least vaccinated states in the United States, with only 50% of its population vaccinated with COVID-19.

Idaho Hospital Starts Distribution of Healthcare Amid CVID Soaring

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The surge in COVID is pushing much of Idaho towards medical distribution

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