The time for players to make college decisions is ticking

Remember four and a half years ago, hundreds of high school football players announced their college choices on the first Wednesday of February?

At least one new employee at every school seemed to go through the process of picking one of the hats on the table in front of them and revealing their choice.

Those rituals still exist, but they are becoming more and more rare.

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Early in the process for high school athletes, between the early signing period with December as the new National Signing Day, the NCAA transfer portal, and the impact of NCAA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic since it began in 2017. Decision.

If you wait too long, you risk being left behind.

Cocoa head coach Ryan Schneider, who appeared on the sideline during the match last October, said the current atmosphere of recruiting is like a musical chairs game. "Please take a seat when the music stops."

“Now it’s a music chair,” said Ryan Schneider, a soccer coach at Cocoa High School. “Music is playing and there are a certain number of chairs. I always tell my subordinates:” When the music stops, take a seat. ” That is the truth.

“I talked to multiple schools and the DI school in Florida told me that there were 3 free slots. Another school has 8 people. It all comes down to numbers.”

The time for players to make college decisions is ticking

Source link The time for players to make college decisions is ticking

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