The UK says the Delta variant is 60% more contagious

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The British government said Friday that the new deltacoronavirus variant is 60% more likely to be transmitted at home than the variant that was forced to blockade the UK in January.

The first Delta subspecies outbreak in India caused an increase in cases in the United Kingdom, raising questions about whether social distance restrictions would be lifted as planned from June 21st.

A new study from the Public Health Department of England suggests that delta mutants increase the risk of domestic transmission by about 60% compared to the alpha mutants first identified in southeast England.

To date, 42,323 cases of Delta variants have been identified in the United Kingdom, up from 29,892 on June 2, according to Public Health England data.

The alpha variant caused a surge in COVID cases in January prior to a major vaccine campaign, leading to a three-month blockade as hospitals nearly reached capacity.

Is government Since then, we have stepped up the promotion of vaccines and are currently giving 41 million first doses and 29 million second doses to adults over the age of 25.

This means 43% of the total. Total population Are fully vaccinated and 18% are half vaccinated.

However, the number of infected people has increased again, with the number of new cases per day on Thursday reaching 7,393, the highest level since February.

90% or more new If The government said it was a Delta variant.

However, the number of inpatients remains low, just over 1,000 on Thursday, and Secretary of Health Matt Hancock states that most of the inpatients are unvaccinated.

The government said this showed that the vaccination program was mitigating the effects of the Delta variant and was urging the public to get both jabs.

Jenny Harries, Chief Executive Officer of the UK Health and Safety Agency, said that “two doses provide significantly more protection” than one dose for the Delta variant.

In the UK, the virus has reported deaths of 127,867, the highest death toll in Europe.

Under the government roadmap, England plans to withdraw the rules on the number of people in social gatherings and allow large weddings and nightclubs to reopen from 21 June.

However, officials have emphasized that they are willing to change this date if the virus situation changes, and many companies are calling for a full resumption, so the decision is scheduled for next week.

Delta variants are “40% highly contagious”: UK Secretary of State for Health

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The UK says the Delta variant is 60% more contagious

Source link The UK says the Delta variant is 60% more contagious

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